Letter from the CEO: Customer Support and Shipping Delays

Letter from the CEO: Customer Support and Shipping Delays

Dear #PashFam,

I must admit, this past season has not gone perfectly. As a company, we work on being as transparent as possible, and in the spirit of transparency, I want to shed some light on our current customer service and warehouse situation. Although most of you have received your planners and are happy, there are still those of you that have had an issue with your order (it was lost in the mail, damaged, etc.) and are waiting for a response… and have waited for a long time.

We have taken pride in being able to respond to inquiries within 1 - 3 business days, but unfortunately have been unable to because of the chain reaction of added work due to the DHL debacle that happened in December. Our current response time is 7 - 9 business days. We understand this is an unusually long response time and apologize for this delay.

Here’s what we’re doing to resolve your inquires as quickly as possible:

  • Hiring more staff to help with the workload, both in the warehouse and customer service front, almost doubling our team in less than a month
  • Training team members from other departments to help on these fronts
  • Working overtime to keep up with email backlog
  • Working diligently day in and day out to get through and resolve as many issues as quickly as possible

What We Have Learned to Improve Next Time

If there is one thing we’ve learned it is to budget for wiggle room: for when team members get sick, for DHL to lose a few orders (or a couple thousand, my goodness I wish I was kidding)… Essentially wiggle room for life to inevitably surprise us. We are already taking steps to improve the situation for next year so we can ensure that we live up to our high standards.

We are sorry for any inconvenience the delays may have caused this year and for the days you may have missed with your planners. We are excited for you to get your planners soon, and if you have any questions or concerns please shoot us an email at support@passionplanner.com, and we will get back to you within 7 - 9 business days. If you're still waiting for your planner, we offer free downloadable PDFs of our layouts.

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this busy season, #PashFam. We hear your concerns and will make sure we continue to grow and improve so we can better your experience and continue supporting this incredible community.


Angel Trinidad

CEO and Founder, Passion Planner


Q: I emailed last week, and I haven’t received a response. Help?

A: Currently, we have a response time of 7-9 business days. We have hired additional team members and are hiring more to help lessen the wait time.

Q: I have sent 3 emails, and I haven’t heard back yet. Help?

A: We are working on emails on a first come first serve basis. Emails are organized by date received, and there is no way for us to organize our inbox by the first message you sent, much like your personal email inbox. Because of this, if you send a follow up email you actually come up as our “newest” message, placing your email at the end of the line, hence a longer wait time because we will respond to your last message within 7-9 business days. Please trust that we are going through emails in order, answering emails as quickly as possible, and will get to your email shortly. We want to reassure you that we will come back to you with an adequate solution. We strive to make sure every customer has the best experience possible, and we want to make sure you're taken care of.

Q: My planner was damaged in the mail, help!

A: Unfortunately this happens, and although we have no control over how the mail carriers treat our packages, we are happy to still ensure you get a planner that you are satisfied with. With that being said we are happy to send you another or offer our Passion Planner Promise, whichever you prefer. Please send an inquiry and we will help you out.

Q: How long is the wait between when I order my planner to when it ships (order processing time)?

A: Our current processing time before shipping is 4 - 6 business days (weekends and holidays not included). Our warehouse has been able to keep up with this standard 99% of the time. If your tracking information has not been updated by the 7th business day, please contact us at support@passionplanner.com and we will look into it. We are hiring more staff and are working overtime to return to our normal 1-3 day processing time as soon as possible. We know the comments and reviews of late or missing planners can be worrisome and hope this sets your mind at ease.