What's Passion Planner Pro?

What's Passion Planner Pro?

Hi #PashFam!

We are excited to announce that moving forward all Passion Planners will be available in one perfect size. At 7 x 10 inches, the new Passion Planner Pro is a medium-sized notebook with room for everything you want to write, record, and create.

Why mid-size? Our #PashFam frequently tells us that choosing between the Classic and the Compact sizes can be a paralyzing experience. Passion Planner is here to help you simplify! By offering planners in just one size, we are making it easier for you to focus on what really matters: achieving your goals and living your best life.

Plus, due to popular demand, limited edition colors will now be available for both Sunday and Monday start dates! No matter when your week begins, you will be able to select the best planner for your personality and lifestyle.

If you want to stick with the Classic or Compact for a little longer, Undated planners in Timeless Black, Cosmic Rose Gold, and Paw Print Brown will be available while supplies last.

We hope you love the new Passion Planner Pro as much as we do!

Angelia and the Passion Planner Team


Q: Why did you choose to only offer one size moving forward?
A: We want to simplify. In the past four years, we’ve received numerous emails from customers who have felt paralyzed choosing between sizes. They would choose one size, find they didn’t like it, choose the other size, then find they didn’t like that one much either! Between ordering, shipping, emailing our support team, returning the planner, ordering again, and waiting on shipping again, this process would take a minimum of two weeks for customers to start planning.

Before coming to our decision, we did extensive research and consulted test groups. We found that often times, we believe that we want more choices, but in reality, we become overwhelmed by them. This is known as the paradox of choice.

Passion Planner was created to help you succeed. We believe that the content provided in our planner (the Passion RoadMap, GameChanger, weekly layouts, monthly reflections, and dual to-do lists) will help you create positive change in your life.

Trying to identify your goals is already a difficult and overwhelming task. We want to ensure that there is nothing else that holds you back from reaching your goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about the paradox of choice, here are some links:



Q: But the Classic/Compact is the perfect size for me! What if Passion Planner Pro doesn’t work out for me?
A: We understand everyone has their preference. Based on the feedback we’ve received through the years, we believe Passion Planner Pro is just right. Big enough for your dreams, yet small enough to fit in your bag. We hope you’ll give it a try!

If Classic/Compact is the size for you, we will still have Undated planners available while supplies last. These are great for starting any time and contain the same content that will help you achieve all of your goals.

If you are unsatisfied with your Passion Planner, we will always stand by our Passion Planner Promise, which guarantees a refund if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

Q: Will you be offering your PDFs in the B5 size? I want to try it out before I buy.
A: We will continue to offer our PDFs in an A4, A5, and B5 size.

Q: If you want to reduce options, why are you still offering other colors and start days?
A: Based off customer emails and market research, size was the only limiting factor. By only offering one size, we are able to offer multiple designs and BOTH start days (Sunday AND Monday!).

Q: How is this simplifying our lives? Isn’t this just simplifying your business?
A: By offering one size, we hope to reduce the sense of “analysis paralysis” customers often face when choosing between Classic or Compact. Over the past four years, we have received a significant amount of emails from people who have faced this problem. Because of this, people prolonged receiving their planner or didn’t even order at all. You can read more about this in the 1st question above!

Yes, by offering one size we’ll be able to simplify as well. This allows us more time to focus on providing a better experience for our #PashFam by improving the value of our content and the quality of our product.


Please feel free to send us an email! We aim to be as transparent as we can with our community.