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Free shipping on domestic orders $50+ USD!
Customize Your Passion Planner

Customize Your Passion Planner

One of my absolute favorite things about Passion Planner is that there’s just enough structure to keep me on track, while giving me TONS of room for creativity and customization. Passion Planner is essentially a blank slate that can be customized by the user to fit perfectly to their own lifestyle and needs.

Here are a few ways that you can customize your Passion Planner!

1. Draw on it!

When it comes to drawing on your Passion Planner, don’t limit yourself just to the pages. You can draw on the cover, on the sides, on the spine, anywhere really! The possibilities are endless. If you’re not the best artist, adding stickers and printing out photos from the internet and creating collages are also great alternatives.

2. Add washi tape to the pages

Washi tape is a decorative color adhesive tape that comes in several different colors and patterns. Before Passion Planner, I never knew that washi tape existed, but now I’m obsessed!

Adding a bit of washi tape to your weekly or monthly layout is an awesome way to give it a little pop of color. 

(Photo Source: Jennifer Panos of the Passion Planner Chat Forum)

Bonus Tip: Assign each month a washi tape and tape all the pages accordingly. This is an easy way to keep tabs on the months since you know where each month start and stops at a glance when the planner is closed. 

(Photo source: @ofcourseiplan)

3. Print and bind your own Passion Planner

Passion Planner offers the full PDF download entirely for FREE, so take advantage of it! By printing and binding your own, you can pick what type of paper it is, the cover, and even the page order! Do you prefer to have blank pages after your monthly reflection? Or maybe you want to add in a few extra monthly overviews at the end of the planner. Do you prefer a spiral bound planner? Just print the PDF out and customize it to your heart's desire!

Another affordable option is to have the pages printed out and to put them in a regular binder or a Filofax!

Download the free PDF here

4. Add inserts

Passion Planner also offers FREE downloadable inserts on their website to help customize your planner to your heart's content. They have all sorts of different inserts and trackers to fit every lifestyle.

Need to keep track of your meals? Try out the calorie tracker! Did you want to keep yourself accountable for a new habit? Use this cool habit tracker! Want to keep track of how much water you’re drinking? They also offer a water tracker! Check out the rest of the free inserts they have here and create your perfect planner.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? They’re always open to suggestions, so feel free to send your idea over to!

What are some ways that you customize your planner? Let us know in the comments below for the chance to be featured in the next blog post!

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