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Free shipping on domestic orders $50+ USD!
Get the Most Out of Your Passion Planner

Get the Most Out of Your Passion Planner

When you first see a Passion Planner, it seems pretty straightforward. It’s a planner that helps you set your goals and figure out how to get there. There’s no wrong way to use your planner, BUT.. I want to show you all a few extra tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your planner investment :) 

1. Split your to-do lists

If you’re the type of person who loves to make lists, than the space provided currently on the Passion Planner might not be enough! To fix this, simply draw a line down the center of each list to create twice as many slots.

2. Use your elastic band as a pen holder

If you’re like me, then sometimes you have a hard time locating your favorite pen most of the time. Well, what might look like just a regular elastic band on your Passion Planner to the untrained eye can actually double as a pen-holder! 

Now you’ll never have to worry about not having a pen to jot down all those thoughts and notes when you need it the most.

3. Use the back pocket

Although there is tons of wonderful content inside of the pages, don’t forget to utilize the back of the planner! Be sure to use the handy fabric back pocket to help you keep those larger memories that won’t fit in on the pages of your planner. 

Bonus Tip: Keep a little bit of extra cash in your back pocket in case you forget your wallet at home! Trust me, it’ll come in handy at some time! 

4. Don't forget about the free downloads

Passion Planner offers TONS of free downloadable inserts that you can print out and use to customize your planner. Not only do they have individual inserts, they also offer the entire PDF completely for free!

Tip: Print out 1 month of their Undated PDF to use at the end of the year while you wait for your new planner to come in the mail!

Bonus Tip: If you mess up on a weekly or monthly spread, print out the corresponding page on the PDF and just glue it over your mess up! It’s like having a brand new planner!

5. Be part of the community

When you get a Passion Planner, you’re getting much more than just a planner! You’re getting the entire community that comes with it. You become a part of the #PashFam: a community of dreamers and doers. They’ll be your support system for when you need someone to set goals with or if you just want some sticker recommendations!

Be sure to ask your fellow #PashFam for their recommendations, tips, and tricks when using their Passion Planner!

How to utilize the community:

Join the Passion Planner Chat Forum on Facebook! 

When posting on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #passionplanner so that others can see you!

We hope you found these extra tips helpful! If you have any additional tips you’d like to share, leave them in the comments below for the chance to get featured in the next blog post! Happy Planning!

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