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Reasons to Get an Undated Planner

When you first hear the words “Undated planner”, it almost seems like an oxymoron. Like, what are you supposed to do with a planner that doesn’t have any dates?

Despite the contradictory nature of the two words, Undated planners are actually quite useful! If you’re on the fence, here are a few reasons on why you should get an Undated planner:

1. You can start and stop whenever 

Maybe you recently discovered your passion for planners, but it’s already March and you don’t want to get a planner just to have a few months go to waste. Well, that’s the beauty of an Undated planner - you get to fill in the dates as you go! If you start in March or if you like to only use your planner every other week or even every other month, absolutely no pages will go to waste! 

2. You like all of your months together

One of the great things about Undated Passion Planners are that all of the months are grouped together at the beginning of the planner! That way, you’re able to flip through your months and have a quick overview of the year. Tip: If you need a quick way to flip between your weekly and monthly layouts, use a binder clip to hold the pages in between together. 

3. You need something separate for work and personal

Are you the type of person who keeps a separate planner for work and personal? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret! Because you fill in the dates yourself in an Undated planner, you can split the planner in half and keep two separate 6-month journals/calendars in the same planner!

Tip: Use washi tape on the side of the pages to show the separation between your work and personal planner!

4. You like fresh starts 

Have you ever written something down and it doesn’t come out as nice as you had hoped? Then you try whiting it out, crossing it out, and covering it with washi tape, but it just looks terrible... Well, the beauty of having an Undated Passion Planner is that you can literally flip to the next page and give it another go! Who else likes fresh starts? 

(Photo source: @chelseabrowndesigns)

5. You can customize it with stickers

There are multiple, wonderful #PashFam members that create custom stickers on Etsy for your Passion Planner! We recommend checking out the hashtag #passionplanner on Instagram to find someone selling the perfect Passion Planner stickers for you!

Why do you all enjoy using Undated Passion Planners as opposed to dated ones? Let us know in the comments below! 

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