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Due to the high volume of submissions we received, Guest Writer submissions are now closed. Please check back in 2021 when we reopen them for our Spring calendar!

Are you a #PashFam member with a story to tell? We want to hear it!

Share your wisdom with us by submitting an article to our blog!

Content Our #PashFam Loves 

We strive to motivate and inspire our audience with practical tools they can apply in their daily lives. This can be through fun listicles, motivating strategies, and heartfelt personal narratives. Please note that we are only considering topics that fall into one of these four categories. 

1. Planner Tips

Planner tips are a #PashFam favorite! Our community is always eager to learn techniques and strategies on how to use their planner. Tell us your best Passion Planner hacks, from color coding to unique ideas for your blank pages.

Example: 9 Tips to Customize and Personalize Your Passion Planner

2. Students

We do what we can to support student success both inside and outside the classroom. Share resources and advice to help students embrace education with an empowered attitude.

Example: The Ultimate School Supplies List for Distance Learning You Didn’t Know You Needed

3. Personal Growth

Many people use Passion Planner to stay on track with their goals and organize their daily lives. Encourage our community with tips to chase their dreams while defining the pace of their own journey.

Example: How to Curb Negative Thinking and Retrain Your Brain

4. Community

The #PashFam has always been about sharing our authentic stories and being there for one another. Inspire others with ideas on how to plan for change by creating a world they’d be proud to live in.

Example: How to Empower Your Community

The Voice of the #PashFam 

The voice of the #PashFam is one that uplifts the voices of others. It is important that the tone of our writing comes from a place of cheering each other on. We are unapologetic about the fact that we don’t have it all figured out. While we are all goal-getters, we want to ensure that our overall message emphasizes the small steps. Everyone’s journey is unique to them, therefore we respect and withhold judgment for each other’s perspective and place in life. 

At times we can be vulnerable and reflective,

“As I thumbed through the pages of my Passion Planner, I arrived at an inner reckoning. My Year in Pixels page indicated that I spent the majority of my year feeling anxious and angry. Relief swept over me when I erased canceled outings from my planner, astonished at the absence of my disappointment. 

All this social distancing has taught me one thing: when everything falls away, what emerges is what matters most.”

From KonMari Your Passion Planner: How to Create a Schedule that Sparks Joy

and other times we can be funny and playful.

“The #PashFam of the Earth Kingdom are hardworking, logical, and strong-willed. Earthbenders are masters of staying grounded. Grounded, Earth… get it? In fact, Toph said it best: Earthbenders face their challenges head on. They ground themselves into the present moment, and have the strength and persistence to move mountains. Even if it has to happen one pebble at a time.”

From 4 Passion Planner Ideas Based on Avatar: The Last Airbender

No matter the situation, we do our best to show that Passion Planner is about more than just hard work: it’s heart work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many articles do you accept?

While we’d love to accept all submissions, we can only accept between 2-4 articles per month.

Do I need to be a freelance or experienced writer to submit a post?

No! We welcome submissions of all writing experiences and backgrounds. Passion Planner is happy to be a platform that uplifts people no matter where they are in their journey. If you are submitting a post on behalf of a company or business, we ask that you include your organization’s website in your submission.

What is the word count per post?

Please keep your article between 800 - 1800 words.

How much do you compensate per article?

We compensate $125 per published article. You have the option of receiving this in cash through PayPal or store credit to spend on planner goodies!

Can I send an outline instead of a full draft?

Due to the many submissions we receive, we are only accepting full drafts for our team to review. If we move forward with your article, note that we may edit and provide suggestions to your piece for clarity, SEO, and voice alignment.

Do I need to mention Passion Planner specifically in my article?

Yes! While your article can be on a variety of topics, we ask that you link the Passion Planner home page and at least 1 Passion Planner blog article and product in the copy. We also encourage you to cite sources and link any relevant content where applicable in your post.

Do I have to include photos?

No, but if you do submit photos, we ask that they are high-resolution JPGs (300 dpi) and that you have the permission or rights to use them. Please include any credits necessary to the original photographer. Note that we may resize your images for formatting purposes.

Can I include my personal website?

Yes, we’d love to learn more about you and share your story with our audience! Please include a short author bio at the end of your article with links to your personal website or blog.

When will I be notified on whether my article is accepted or rejected?

We will review your submission and get you a response within 30 business days.

Can I post my article somewhere else after it’s been published on Passion Planner?

We ask that any content that is written for Passion Planner be original and not published elsewhere. You are free to promote the link to your article on your platforms if your submission is accepted!

Share Your Wisdom with the #PashFam

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