INC. MAGAZINE: INC. MAGAZINE UNVEILS ITS 37TH ANNUAL LIST OF AMERICA'S FASTEST-GROWING PRIVATE COMPANIES—THE INC. 5000 // AUGUST 15, 2018 Inc. magazine today revealed that Passion Planner LLC is No. 991 on its 37th annual Inc. 5000, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Read More

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REFINERY 29: CAN THESE PLANNERS CHANGE YOUR LIFE? // JULY 7, 2017 Remember those hilarious Chuck Norris "facts?" Well, one day, there might be a series of Chuck Norris-style facts about Angelia Trinidad, 26, the CEO and founder of the Passion Planner — except hers will all be true. Read More

APARTMENT THERAPY: GET YOUR RESOLUTIONS (AND PASSIONS) BACK ON TRACK WITH THE PASSION PLANNER // FEBRUARY 2, 2017 We've all been there... it's the end of December, gearing up for the new year, and you start thinking of everything you want to accomplish in 2017. Eat healthy! Do yoga! Meditate! Catch up with old friends! Read all the books, go all the places, do all the things! Read More

HUFFTINGTON POST: THE TOP PLANNERS TO ORGANIZE YOURSELF FOR THE UPCOMING YEAR // DECEMBER 26, 2016 This is not a mere planner, this is a true book of planning, inspiration, goal setting, with areas for weekly focus, good things that happened that week, personal and professional goals... Read More
BUZZFEED: 15 AWESOME PLANNERS THAT WILL GET YOU ORGANIZED // OCTOBER 9, 2016 The Passion Planner is the perfect tool to combine weekly scheduling with your long-term planning. The planner has a weekly layout that runs for a full year. It also includes exercises to help you define and then list your goals for the next 3 months, year and 3 years. Read More

KICKSTARTER: PASSION PLANNER: GET ONE, GIVE ONE // OCTOBER 13, 2015 When you invest in yourself, you'll also be investing in the dreams of someone else. Read More

SUCCESS: THE LIFE COACH THAT FITS IN YOUR BAG // SEPTEMBER 15, 2015 They say necessity is the mother of invention. For Angelia “Angel” Trinidad, it was more like a dire need. When she graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in art, she didn’t know what to do. She felt lost and directionless—and she knew she wasn’t the only one. Read More
LIFEHACKER: HOW TRACKING WHAT I DO EVERYDAY HELPED ME... // JULY 12, 2015 There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who enjoy tracking what they do with their time all day, and the rest of us, who’d rather watch paint dry. Read More
NPR: IN A DIGITAL CHAPTER, PAPER NOTEBOOKS ARE AS RELEVANT AS EVER // MAY 27, 2015 I confess. I'm a notebook nut. I own dozens and dozens of them. Everything from cheap reporter's notebooks to hand-crafted Italian leather beauties. I wondered: Am I an analog dinosaur, or are there others out there like me? Read More
THE WASHINGTON POST: IT LOOKS LIKE AN ORDINARY CALENDAR. BUT... // MAY 13, 2015 Angelia Trinidad's desk is covered in sticky notes. Her headphones are in a tangle. Her computer screen is an aimless scroll of BuzzFeed. Or so we see in her video presentation -- a scene, she knew, would seem all too familiar to you. Read More
ENTREPRENEUR: 15 FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS TO WATCH IN 2015 // JANUARY 14, 2015 This year has undoubtedly been the best yet for female entrepreneurs. According to research from American Express OPEN Forum, women are starting an average of 1,200 businesses a day - up from 740 a day the year prior.  Read More
COLORLINES: THE 24-YEAR-OLD-FILIPINA AMERICAN WHO RAISED $650K ON KICKSTARTER // DECEMBER 11, 2014 The next few weeks will be busy for Angelia Trinidad. After raising more than $650,000, she closed out her second Kickstarter campaign last week. That sum is a whopping 6,584 percent of her modest $10,000 goal. This isn't chump change. Read More
CROWDFUND: INSIDER PASSION PLANNER OVER $550,000 DURING THE FINAL DAYS... // NOVEMBER 25, 2014 With only eight days until its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter comes to an end, Passion Planner, created by San Diego entrepreneur Angelia Trinidad, has now reached over $550,000 from almost 20,000 backers. Read More
TEDX: THE POWER TO PLAN YOUR PASSION // NOVEMBER 21, 2014 This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Listen to Angelia Trinidad as she talks about overcoming obstacles and turning dreams into reality... Read More
TECH.CO: THE PASSION PLANNER: A TOOL TO PROPEL SELF-MOTIVATION... // NOVEMBER 19, 2014 Just in time for gift-giving season, and with enough preparation for goal setting season, everyone is talking about the Passion Planner. Last year, creator Angelia Trinidad came up with the idea to integrate an appointment calendar, journal, goal setting guide, and to-do list into a single planner. Read More
BRIT.CO: THIS PLANNER WILL HELP YOU GET ORGANIZED AND LIVE YOUR DREAMS // NOVEMBER 10, 2014 If your desk is anything like ours, we’ll bet that, despite your best intentions, it ends up covered with a miscellaneous array of Post-it notes, sticky tabs and colored paper as the day goes on. Sound familiar? Read More