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The 30 Day Journal Challenge for Healing and Transformation

The 30 Day Journal Challenge for Healing and Transformation

To celebrate the recent launch of our Passion Journals, we partnered with artist Malanda Jean-Claude to bring you this 30 Day Journal Challenge. Make the time to reflect this month and enjoy this exploration of your experiences and dreams. Download the FREE 30 Day Journal Challenge PDF and track your progress.  

Benefits of journal writing

There are many benefits to journal writing. The most important is having the space to organize your thoughts. Being able to record your emotions, ideas and the memory connected to each day allows us to make space in our minds. This practice can be impactful to understanding the pattern of our daily routine. As we all know, the world can move too fast to keep up with. Journaling is an effective way to carve a healthy corner for reflection. It is a way the heart searches for a voice.

How to write a journal entry

Everyone has a different journaling style. Use this opportunity to embrace your individuality and the unique way you show up in the world. There is no right or wrong way to journal, just a unique one. Some people are critical and neat while others are playful and stylish. It is more important to begin the work than to get stuck on planning. The most effective form of expression is execution. As you embark on this journey, you will discover which ‘style’ is best suitable for your thoughts. Start where you are, as you are.

30 Day Journal Challenge

We are in constant communication with the universe. With planning we have the ability to create the future that we want. Through experience, reason and emotions, we become empowered to transform our reality. This 30-Day Journaling challenge will help you tap into that power to bring your desires to life. 

Set an Intention (Day 1)

You may have heard the phrase, ‘direction is more important than speed.’ It is important to set an intention before you embark on this challenge because you can go fast headed the wrong way. To avoid any misdirection, envision the frame of mind you want to adapt. Then connect your actions to embody those traits. Being intentional vitalizes authenticity. Keep showing up.

Day 1 Prompt: List at least three things that make you feel grounded. How do you want those things to carry you today? How do they make you feel more connected to yourself and others? 

Practice Gratitude (Day 2 - 8)

The practice of gratitude is necessary for connecting the mind to the present. This expression provides a unique opportunity to enhance appreciation for what we have, what the world offers and ultimately who we are. Through gratitude we minimize the clutter in our minds and the need for comparison, as well as emotions that trigger resentment or envy. 

It is important to begin here with gratitude, to ground our focus on the goal of self-improvement. It is a bridge to intimacy and a stronger relationship with self.

Gratitude journal prompts 

  1. What person in your life are you most grateful for? What do you admire about them? 
  2. Take a moment. Write about the last memory that made you happy. What does it feel like in your body? Focus on that feeling today.
  3. What is something you have now that seemed like a wish back then? How do you feel knowing that you have it now?
  4. Name a few people who keep you grounded. In what ways do they show up for you?
  5. Name a skill you’re good at. How do you feel when you are performing that skill?
  6. What brings you joy? 
  7. List three things you appreciate about your body and how it supports you.

Learn to Love Yourself (Day 9 - 15)

Self love is a gentle commitment to oneself. A graceful act of devotion to growth and embracing who you are. It is a key to true happiness and emotional strength. Gratitude gives you the power to navigate through this journey. Self love is a compass that will bring you back to yourself. 

Self love journal prompts 

  1. Write about a time you enjoyed your own company. 
  2. Name something you often expect to receive from others. In what ways can you give it to yourself? 
  3. What do you love about most yourself? Describe it in detail.
  4. Where do you feel most blocked? What small thing can you do today to release that? 
  5. Do you feel loved? If you loved yourself more, how would the world see you? 
  6. What changes can you implement more frequently to show yourself love? 
  7. Write an encouraging letter to your younger self.

Give Yourself Grace (Day 16 - 22) 

Through healing we acquire the necessary strength to recover from old wounds. Though every journey is different, healing is a walk of patience. It is a process you endure through humility, self love and compassion. You have to trust that your effort has been planted and will grow with time; and that it is good enough. 

Healing requires grace for the mind to transform.

Journal prompts for healing

  1. Revisit a time you felt the most disconnected in your life. What happened? How did it impact your thoughts? What lessons did you learn from it?
  2. What do you need to forgive yourself for? Write the first step towards letting go.
  3. How do you show up for yourself during hard times? 
  4. Where and when do you feel the most safe? How can you create more of that feeling?
  5. What makes me guarded? What do you need in order to trust again?
  6. What moment did you realize that you healed from something that once hurt you? 
  7. What are you still holding on to that no longer serves you?

Transform and Grow (Day 23 - 29)

Journaling is a powerful tool to declutter the mind from life’s tempo. Through this practice, transformation becomes possible. When you put pen to paper, you give your mind the permission to feel your transformation. This is important for accountability and activates the belief that you are worthy.

Journal prompts for transformation

  1. Describe the highest version of you. What separates you from becoming one with that version of yourself?
  2. How do you connect to your intuition? How does it speak to you?
  3. Complete the sentence ‘I am afraid that..’ Then answer, who would you be if you were not fearful?
  4. Define what success means to you. What have you succeeded at and how can you apply that formula to other areas of your life?
  5. What are some things that you have outgrown? How does it make you feel?
  6. What can I control right now?
  7. Visualize the ideal life you want, what stands out the most. Why?

Find the Good Things that Happened (Day 30)

As this challenge comes to a close, I want you to reflect on the small ways you have regained control. It is an essential need for transformation because true power is internal. Transformation requires intentional observation. It asks for us to slow down our thinking to create space for new thinking. Journaling gives us an opportunity to organize our thoughts to reflect our experiences. Through practice and commitment, it can also reshape the pace of our world. When we reflect, we connect deeper to the world around us.

Day 30 Prompt: 

In what ways has your mindset shifted from scarcity to abundance? Write about the small changes you notice in your daily routine that has affected you in a positive way.

Are you ready to transform? Supplement your challenge experience by downloading our FREE 30 Day Journal Challenge Checklist PDF

30 Day Journal Challenge PDF

Author Bio

Malanda Jean-Claude is an interdisciplinary artist whose works range from literature to photography and film. Jean-Claude creates work that focuses on the possibility of intimacy. Through internal dialogue, his work examines one’s interdependence of spirituality and personal identity to infiltrate the eternal world of vulnerability.

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