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How to Manifest Anything with Passion Planner Daily: 3 Ideas to Make Your Life Magical

How to Manifest Anything with Passion Planner Daily: 3 Ideas to Make Your Life Magical

It’s been a long time since my eleventh birthday, yet I’m still furious a tad upset that my invitation to Hogwarts never arrived. Relatable? Relatable. While I’m thrilled that Halloween is around the corner, I must admit that the magic of spooky season - with its tales of witches, spells, and spirits - can make my own muggle life feel a bit mundane by comparison. But here’s a little secret that I’ve learned as a kid who never grew out of the fairy tale phase: 

Magic is all around us. We just have other names for it!

I believe that without even realizing it, so many of us are seeking to make our everyday lives a bit more magical. Whether you’re knocking on wood, blowing out birthday candles, or burning an old letter to get over an ex, we make seemingly small, but hugely symbolic gestures in our everyday lives that ask the universe for help reaching goals, seeking love, finding purpose in life. Who’s to say that isn’t magic?

How can we reframe the habits we already have to bring out our mystical side? Fortunately, your Passion Planner Daily is here to help you cast a spell on your everyday life. Here are three ways to manifest a more magical life, and transform your daily agenda into your personal spellbook!

Manifesting = Magic

“Your whole life is a manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head.” – Lisa Nichols

When I think of everyday magic, I immediately think of manifesting - but what is manifestation? It stems from the Law of Attraction, and means channeling your thoughts and energy to create the reality that you want. Making manifestation a regular practice can help channel your inner magician, in spooky season and beyond!

Does this mean that you can zap anything you want into your life just by thinking about it? I wish! For the pragmatists out there, I like to think of manifestation as a conscious, intentional mindset shift toward something that you want, which then (sometimes subconsciously) affects your everyday choices. In turn, this helps guide which doors you step through, and which ones you close, all the while getting you closer to the thing you’re manifesting. 

How to Manifest in Your Passion Planner Daily

  • Make it clear what you want to manifest - whether it’s a promotion at work, more confidence, you name it! Write this down somewhere that you visit regularly, like under the Gamechanger Goal section of your Passion Planner Daily.
  • Write your manifestations in your Space of Infinite Possibility. State them as if they are certainly going to happen (ex. “I will…”) or as if they already have.
  • Need help honing in on what you want to manifest into your life? Check out our 7 Day Visualization Challenge! For even more manifestation inspiration, use your favorite quill to bewitch your planner with these 50 Manifestation Quotes.


Presence = Power

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” – Lao Tzu

Something I always seem to be manifesting is more presence. Too often, we fling our pasts in front of us, or stress about an imaginary future. Being present and living in the now is a magical power worth cultivating. 

One way I like to tap into the here and now, while also tapping into everyday magic, is by staying in touch with what’s going on with the Earth. Not only do many magical practices involve natural elements; there’s something about being in touch with the changing seasons, and other natural cycles that add a layer of wonder to life and root us into the present.

How to Summon Presence in Your Passion Planner Daily

  • Use the Yearly Overview spread to track cycles like the lunar phases, equinoxes, and solstices.
  • Learn the significance of these magical times of year. For example, we just passed the Autumnal Equinox, which signifies harvest.
  • Plan meals and grocery lists based on the produce in harvest that season. Pull out your cauldron and let Mother Earth feed your magic!

Passion Planner Daily Layout (Manifestation and Magic Theme)

Routines = Rituals

“Think the thought until you believe it, and once you believe it, it is.” – Abraham Hicks

We all know the importance of routines for productivity, mental health, and so much more. If we simply give routines a new name, “rituals,” they can take on a whole new role, helping us live out a more magical version of our lives. 

Ask yourself, what are some of my staple routines, and what do I want to get out of them?

Recently, I’ve been starting my day with a housekeeping lap around my apartment. I pick things up off the floor, give my (crispy) plants a drink, and tidy up wherever I see a need. By attaching an intention to this daily act, my half hour of cleaning is transformed from a practical routine to a magical ritual, which I use to summon clarity and calm.

How to Build Rituals in Your Passion Planner Daily

  • Make a plan for your rituals using the Habit Tracker. Turn your Passion Planner Daily into your personal spellbook, with different rituals for different effects!
  • Turn a routine into a ritual by adding an intention to it. For example, think of your morning coffee ritual as casting a spell for more energy!
  • Feed two birds with one scone and create a ritual for presence! Turn on some music, light a candle, and make yourself a magical, sensory environment.

The Magic in You

Admittedly, these practices and changes in mindset will not turn any of us into real life wizards. They won’t allow you to hex your enemies, shoot flames from your fingertips, or earn a late acceptance to Hogwarts. What these little shifts toward a magical life will do, however, is cast a spell on YOURSELF. A spell that invites you to embrace the magic in the world around you, the magic in life’s little things, and most importantly, the magic in you! 

We hope that these tips help you turn your Passion Planner into a personal spellbook, that will help you manifest not only your best life, but your most magical one! What do you want to manifest this season? Let us know in the comments, PashFam!

Author Bio

Wendy Sigler is an HR Assistant at Passion Planner, who loves moonlighting for the Passion Planner blog almost as much as she loves cold weather, witchcraft, and all things spooky season! After hours, you can find her playing outside, podcasting, and writing down manifestations in her grimoire.


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