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16 Meaningful Gifts Under $60 for Every Person on Your List

16 Meaningful Gifts Under $60 for Every Person on Your List

Trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone is never easy. We browse Google and find lists on lists for meaningful or sentimental gifts, but can’t seem to find the one that would make the most sense for our loved one. 

That’s why we compiled a list of meaningful gifts to give your loved ones this holiday season. 

What makes a gift meaningful?

At Passion Planner, we believe the best gift is the one that allows people to be themselves. 

We define a meaningful gift as one that considers the personality and interests of the person receiving it: 

  • What is one of their defining characteristics?
  • What’s a favorite memory you both share?
  • Or an inside joke that only they would understand? 

A thoughtful gift reflects the receiver’s unique quirks and passions. It doesn’t always have to be custom engraved knives or expensive jewelry. 

The list below may be a tad different from other meaningful gift lists you’ve seen. Some suggestions are quirky, practical, and maybe a little out of left field. There aren’t any personalized items or framed inspirational quotes, but you’ll find some unique gift ideas based on the qualities or characteristics of the person you might be shopping for.  

Meaningful gifts for family

1. Passion Planner Year of the Tiger ($40)

Best for: the parent who’s basically a superhero

Show mom or dad how much you appreciate them by giving them the gift of prioritizing themselves! Our bestselling Passion Planner allows them not only to manage their parenting and work obligations, but also to make time for the projects that mean most to them. Dress it up with monthly tabs or our collection of sticker books.  

2. Universal Yums Snack Subscription (From $15)

Image via Universal Yums

Best for: the sibling who says you’re annoying but secretly loves you more than anything

Food is the unofficial sixth love language. If receiving something traditionally sentimental would make your sibling feel awkward, opt instead for a snack subscription! Sometimes the best way to say “I love you” is through a few bags of chips.  

3. Traditional Bread Warming Set ($34 to $48)

Image via Uncommon Goods

Best for: the family member who brings homemade baked goods to every get together

Treat the resident baker of your family with something that’s just as much a gift for you as it is for them! This bread warming set will be the highlight of your future family gatherings. Enjoy baked goods as if they’ve just come right out of the oven.  

4. Hatch Decanter ($45)

Image via Crate and Barrel

Best for: the person who made you believe that family is beyond blood

The family you choose are some of the most important people on your gift list. Give them a gift that’s as timeless as your relationship—a beautiful decanter that can dress up any home or bar cart. 

Meaningful gifts for friends

5. {THE AND} Amusing Edition ($29)

Image via {THE AND}

Best for: the friend who texts you exactly at midnight on your birthday

If they’ll stay up until midnight to text you on your big day, they’ll stay up to answer these conversation starters with you! Gather your group of friends and make a night of it over some pizza and laughs.  

6. Spongebob Face Masks ($20)

Image via Hipdot

Best for: the friend who has a Spongebob quote for everything

Are you ready, kids?! Give the Patrick to your Spongebob the gift of a spa day in Bikini Bottom with these hysterical face masks. 

7. Mantraloops Sweater ($55)

Image via Mantra Loops

Best for: the friend who radiates main character energy

Friends who are embracing their success and desires? We love to see it! Commemorate the incredible person they’re becoming with self care they can wear.  

8. Homesick Candle ($34)

Image via Homesick

Best for: the friend who moved away but you’re always thinking about

One of the most bittersweet parts of growing up is parting ways with friends who move on to new chapters. Let them know you’re still thinking about them with a candle that reminds them of your memories together. 

Meaningful gifts for significant others

9. Matador Mini Pocket Blanket ($20)

Image via Backcountry

Best for: the partner who loves the great outdoors

For many people, being out in nature is their home away from home. Give the happy camper in your life this practical mini pocket blanket for their many picnic and camping adventures ahead.  

10. Donation to a nonprofit organization

Image by Katt Yukawa via Unsplash

Best for: the partner who doesn’t want anything

There are folks who prefer not to receive gifts during the holidays, which is all good! If you want to let them know how much you care this holiday season, make a donation in their honor to a cause they’ve expressed passion about. 

11. Swigzy Cup Holder Adapter ($25)

Image via Swigzy

Best for: the partner who brings their Hydroflask everywhere

Anyone else have a big Hydroflask or Yeti bottle that won’t fit into your car’s cupholder? Enter the Swigzy Cup Holder Adapter! Now your partner will finally have somewhere to put their water bottle without it rolling around on the car floor. 

12. Royal Pet Portrait (From $40)

Image via Tiny Fluffy Paws on Etsy

Best for: the partner who worships their pet

If your partner’s a doting pet parent, there won’t be a better gift than a custom royal portrait of their favorite animal pal. Take it to the next level with an ornate frame fit for a gallery at the Met—it’s the least we can do for our fur babies.  

Small meaningful gifts for acquaintances

13. Assorted Lindt Chocolate ($11)

Image via World Market

Best for: the neighbor who protects your home from porch pirates

Not all heroes wear capes. A thoughtful neighbor is a lifesaver, especially during the holidays when we’re out of town often and have a tidal wave of packages coming in. Show your gratitude with an indulgent bag of assorted Lindt chocolates and try not to take any for yourself!  

14. Probably Important Post-It Notes by Sandra Boynton ($9)

Probably Important Post-Its

Image via Zazzle

Best for: the coworker who saves you a spot at meetings when you’re running late

Let’s give it up for the office mates who make the workday go by just that little bit faster! These quirky Post-Its will help them remember all the probably important deadlines for those probably important projects. 

15. Everything Cute Sticker Book ($20)

Best for: babysitters or pet sitters who make your life so much easier

If they go out of their way to care for your babies and/or pets, they just might have a love for all things adorable. The Everything Cute Sticker Book is the perfect gift for them to dress up their planners, journals, or greeting cards. 

16. Mini Spa Set ($14)

Image by Lizush via Etsy

Best for: doctors, dentists, caretakers, or other care professionals who could use a little self care

Say thank you to those who care for you with the gift of caring for themselves. These mini spa sets are a small token of appreciation that may make all the difference for someone who dedicates their lives to serving others. 

Author Bio

Paula Palomar is a copywriter with Passion Planner. In her free time she enjoys bullet journaling, eating pizza, and watching British period dramas. Usually at the same time.

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