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#ReclaimYourYear: 78 Inspiring Tweets from Passion Planner Ambassadors on Overcoming Challenges in 2020

#ReclaimYourYear: 78 Inspiring Tweets from Passion Planner Ambassadors on Overcoming Challenges in 2020


In honor of our 2021 Passion Planners launch yesterday, we’re taking the time to celebrate how our community has overcome challenges in this harrowing year. 

Our #ReclaimYourYear initiative is about more than 2021 planners. It's about seizing right now and what's left of our 2020. Get inspired with some of our community’s success stories and best tweets on reaching goals. These quotes about planning are sure to spark your own #ReclaimYourYear journey. You may be motivated to take on one of their goals for yourself!

1. Taking better care of yourself

2. Achieving a childhood dream

3. Prioritizing your passion

4. Starting a new Passion Roadmap

5. Becoming an artistic director

6. Buying a house

7. Starting a sticker business

8. Moving cross-continent

9. Getting involved

10. Claiming the good

11. Finding the silver lining

12. Completing yoga teacher training

13. Bringing your goals to life

14. Taking it one day at a time

15. Taking on a new certification

16. Moving to another state

17. Applying for a doctorate

18. Building a daily routine

19. Moving forward with love

20. Celebrating at 90%

21. Organizing for change

22. Fighting for racial equity

23. Completing an exercise milestone

24. Gaining perspective

25. Moving through grief 

26. Growing your audience

27. Being proud of yourself 

28. Progressing to make change

29. Relaunched your website

30. Taking charge of your finances

31. Getting stronger

32. Leaning on faith

33. Writing positive reminders to yourself

34. Checking all the boxes

35. Practicing presence

36. Starting over

37. Reconnecting with your art

38. Realizing what matters

39. Shooting for the stars

40. Getting an agent

41. Planning, then replanning a wedding

42. Making changes, big and small

43. Staying on schedule

44. Controlling what you can

45. Upgrading your skills

46. Acing those online classes

47. Changing your methods

48. Hosting happy campers

49. Healing your pain

50. Decluttering

51. Deciding on grad school

52. Slowing down

53. Returning to therapy

54. Staying grounded

55. Appreciating the small victories

56. Becoming a Passion Planner Ambassador

57. Crushing goals one step at a time

58. Becoming a healthier, happier version of yourself

59. Starting a life coaching business

60. Penciling in the good stuff

61. Pushing through stresses and successes

62. Starting your YouTube channel

63. Taking more fresh starts

64. Launching a business

65. Reaching a milestone

66. Enhancing leadership skills

67. Improving your mental health

68. Completing scripts

69. Scheduling early morning rehearsals

70. Keeping track of job applications

71. Remaining consistent

72. Fueling your optimism

73. Writing down words of encouragement

74. Growing and glowing

75. Repurposing the blank space

76. Following a new career path

77. Taking projects off hold

78. Pushing for what you want

We are so proud of all our #PashFam for powering through one of the most difficult years in our history. A new year is on the way, and with the blank slate of a 2021 planner, we’re going to make it one of the best yet. 

What's your #ReclaimYourYear story? Let us know in the comments!

Author Bio

Paula Votendahl is a Content Marketing Specialist with Passion Planner. She reclaimed her year with her Passion Planner by paying off all her credit card debt after almost two years of payments. 

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