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Flexible planning at your fingertips. Shop our NEW & IMPROVED Passion Planner Digital line!
#PashFam for Black Lives Matter

#PashFam for Black Lives Matter

Dear #PashFam,

I have taken some time to educate myself and listen 
so I could write this from the humanity of my heart, 
and the logic and reasoning in my head.


I was raised racist. 
I was told to not be friends with Black people. 
I was told not to get darker. 
I was told to put a clothespin on my nose to make it look more “white.” 
I see now how problematic these things are. 
I am sorry for not taking action and using my privilege sooner. 
I am sorry for not taking the cries of our Black siblings as seriously as I do now.


I am committing to doing better now. 
I do not take commitments lightly. 
My word is something I hold sacred. 
It is the magic that manifests. 
This is a movement. 
This is not a moment. 
This is not action out of reactive shame. 
This is a game plan to make systemic change. 
This is not a newsletter. 
This is a commitment. 
Committed, consistent action is what this movement needs. 
It is the only way it lives on.


Black Lives Matter doesn’t need another performative business ally.

It needs a business accomplice.

It needs companies that not only put their money where their mouth is,

but really put their own superpowers in service to their mission

to bring justice, healing, and freedom to Black people across the globe.

We aim to be that accomplice.


What We Are Doing Now:

  1. Donating and investing 50% of our upcoming (6/15) launch day proceeds to Black Lives Matter, Equal Justice Initiative, Black-owned businesses, nonprofits supporting the BLM movement, artists, healers and other Black leaders of the revolution that align with our values.
  2. Actively seeking out Black creators to make future designs and content.
  3. Intentionally using our social media influence to amplify the work of Black educators, healers, creators and activists.
  4. Removing quotes from former slave owners from the future print of all of our planners and replacing them with quotes from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color).
  5. Continuing to provide free access to all of our tools (planner, insert PDFs) so that everyone can use them to chase their goals regardless of financial ability.
  6. Continuing to educate our team about anti-racism and dismantling white supremacy by hiring a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant to lead conversations about race.
  7. Submitting career listings across a wider range of job forums to increase diversity within our applicant pool and continuing to hire on merit and not race.
  8. Educating the #PashFam on how to use their Passion Planners on topics to fight for justice, ranging from practicing self-care and preventing burnout to taking action.
  9. Creating products that specifically address issues that oppressed communities are facing (i.e. finance management, healing trauma, etc.)
  10. Checking ourselves constantly, having the courage to admit when we are wrong, and taking action to make it right.

Passion Planner’s vision is a world where everyone has access to the tools and community they need to heal.

When we heal ourselves,
the healing ripples to our families,
our communities,
and eventually the world.
The world cannot heal if our Black siblings are treated like second class citizens.
We cannot heal if we continue to support the powers that keep it that way.
We cannot heal if we keep wounding one of our own.
We cannot heal if those who wound others are not served justice.
We are playing this game of revolution on level expert,
in the midst of a pandemic,
heated internet debates,
violence and greed.


It is hard.
It is tiring.
I know we will not always get it right,
but we are committed to doing our best.


I love you all, and remember,

It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to start.


Angelia “Angel” Trinidad
CEO and Founder, Passion Planner

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Debo Harris - décembre 29, 2020

Love the Passion Planner and what you do.

Great to see another positive statement.
So I’m not trying to throw shade, but performative allyship can also show up as a list of well-meaning curated ideas/ plans that is landed on the desk in front of the black community along with a gentle-saviour smile as if to say “See? See what we are doing for you people? See how woke we are becoming?”

I’d much rather see plans that show how non-white allyship action is taking the ‘difficult conversations’ back into your communities; the same ones that bred microagressions, invalidations and ultimate supporters of the systemic racism that exists unyeilding in the West.

I think it is not wise to erase the voice of the slave owners from history, any more than it is sensible to remove pictures and statues to them. Rather, progress is made by considering the errors of the past history and embedding actions in plans that ensure commitment to not repeating them.

As to the future?
The womens empowerment sticker set is a great example and case in point, with:
1 Carolina He
2 Chelsea Jenna
3 Evellyn Le
4 April Moralba
5 Wednesday Tran

Great creatives, many if not most with proud Asian heritage. None black.
That was a conscious action to seek out women with talent from a specific heritage to fix the ‘broken rung’ and help them in their business. Not a ‘hand out’ (donations to charities that help ‘fix’ the minority communities), but a respectful and sustainable action – a ‘help up’.

Look forward to seeing how the plan of item 2 ‘Actively seeking out Black creators to make future designs and content.’ shows up in 2021. I’m sure they exist. And repeating the process to mainstream their work rather than the ubiquitous red, black, green, and sometimes (in error) gold motif of designs for Black History Month or other niche project.

And while I’m at it I might as well add here:
Would also be great to showcase a more international feel for the passion planner. There’s a core community of us here in Europe (yep UK is still in Europe just out of the EU…) that would love to be recognised other than the occassional report on Insta.

Have a fab new year Pashfam

Laura Jevtich - août 2, 2020

Thank you. I appreciate your words and deeds. Your company is one of the few who made this a priority.

Necie Black - juillet 16, 2020

Beautiful! Thank you. Can’t wait to order the new 2021 planners and will look for ways I can support your efforts.

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