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31 Spooky Passion Planner Ideas for Halloween

31 Spooky Passion Planner Ideas for Halloween

Spooky season is upon us! For many, this means prepping halloween costumes, watching scary movies, and eating fall treats. For our #PashFam, it means creating Halloween planner page ideas that encapsulate the season’s mood. 

We’ve gathered 31 Spooky Passion Planner ideas from our community that will give you pumpkin to do this year. Grab your pens, washi tape, or highlighters and create your own chilling planner ideas!

1. Among Us Layout

DISCUSS! This layout kinda sus…

2. Create a Halloween Doodle Pattern

Fill up the Space of Infinite Possibility with a unique doodle pattern of your favorite Halloween elements!

3. Halloween Monthly Layout

Halloween is a classic monthly theme idea. Add ghosts, pumpkins, black cats, or other themed stickers and drawings for October or November’s monthly layout.

4. Blackout Weekly Spread

The color black brings out the ultimate spooky vibes. Put your planner on dark mode with a haunted blackout spread.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas Theme 

THIS is Halloween. Who doesn’t love this seasonal classic? Turn your planner into a Halloween Town party!

6. Monochrome Color Scheme

A monochrome color scheme is the perfect way to spook up your planner layout. Use black or grey tones to create a nighttime look.

7. Participate in #Pashtober 

Participate in our #Pashtober challenge to add some easy Halloween drawings! From pumpkins to ghosts, our challenge is perfect for adding something extra spooky in your spread.

8. Monster Memory Planning

Make your planner a into a memory monster mash! 

9. Use your favorite seasonal packages as decor

Need cute sticker ideas without buying new ones? Do you save all of your seasonal Trader Joe’s packaging because they are too cute to throw away? Cut out your favorite seasonal packaging from your tea boxes, cookie bags, or other items and use them to decorate your planner.

10. Starry Night Theme

Feeling magical this year? A starry night theme is great for those who like the mystical side of this season. 

11. The Corpse Bride Spread

Make your planner feel ALIVE with a Corpse Bride themed layout!

12. Blackout Monthly Spread

Flip the switch with a blackout monthly spread. Explore a new look with a black background and white ink.

13. Inktober Tracker

Create creepy borders for your #Inktober or #Pashtober drawings and keep track of the prompt for each day.

14. Halloween Themed Washi Tape

Ghosts, zombies, pumpkins, oh my! There are so many Halloweened washi tape designs to choose from! 

15. Witchy Gamechanger Goal Page

Witch, please. Cast a magical spell on your Passion Roadmap or GameChanger Goal Page with witchy elements like crystals, herbs, and stars.

16. Slimey Border

This slimey Monthly Reflection will give you goosebumps! Create a slimey border around your spread to add a gooey, eerie feel to your planner designs.

17. Black Stickers

Adding black stickers to your spread is an easy way to give your planner an ominous feel.

18. Pink Gothic Theme

Is orange really the new pink? Switch it up with a pink gothic theme that will make your spooky theme a little cuter.

19. Monsters Inc Theme

Nothing is more important than friendship. Halloween season is the perfect time to give Sully and Mike the spotlight.

20. Halloween Bucket List

Halloween projects are the best kind of projects. Create your bucket list of things you want to do in October.

21. BeetleJuice Layout

You’re a ghost with the most, babe. This layout will definitely make BeetleJuice’s millenium. 

22. Scrapbook Ghosts

Now this is #SquadGhouls! Use your spare paper to create unique ghost characters in your weekly layout.

23. Spooky Color Palette

Orange, purple, and green is the perfect color combination to create a quick eerie-sistable theme.

24. No Sticker Spread Challenge

There ain’t no rest for the stickers because paper does grow on treeeees. Try drawing your favorite supernatural characters! 

25. Falling for Fall

Sugar and pumpkin spice and everything nice. The fall season is a great layout theme to capture the essence of fall colors and vibes.

26. PSL Memory Planning Theme

Fall may be Halloween season, but it’s also Pumpkin Spice Latte season! Dedicate your monthly memory planning to your favorite seasonal drink.

27. Spooky Minimalism

Black and sleek is still chic. Maintain a minimalist look with simple halloween characters!

28. Charlie Brown Theme

Good Grief! It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Add some nostalgia to your planner and snoop it up.

29. Sabrina the Teenage Witch Layout

Ready for a chilling adventure? This layout gives you an excuse to go all out on your red markers and pens.

30. The Walking Dead Layout

How would you plan for a zombie apocalypse? Creep it real by dead-icating your planner layout to the Walking Dead.

31. Witchy Theme

Do you boolieve in magic? Channel your own magic with a witchy Passion Planner theme! Add crystal balls, wands, stars, and other magical details to make your planner glow from the inside out. 

Our #PashFam continues to blow us away with cute planner ideas every year! We hope this list helps you find inspiration to create your own fab-boo-lous planner decoration ideas this year.  

Are you making a Halloween layout, habit tracker, or participating in #Pashtober? Tag us @passionplanner on Instagram!

Which spooky Passion Planner idea was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Author Bio

Joni Cobarrubias is a Social Media Intern at Passion Planner. After hours, she’s either planning a photoshoot, manifesting, or spending way too much money on crystals and handmade earrings.

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