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$6.99 flat rate domestic shipping or FREE shipping on domestic orders $70+ USD!
$6.99 flat rate domestic shipping or FREE shipping on domestic orders $70+ USD!
Shipping Update #3

Shipping Update #3

Dear #PashFam,

As promised I am back to give you another update on our current shipping situation. 

What we’ve been up to since our last update:

  • Growing our customer service team to help handle the influx of emails
  • Daily correspondence with our third-party fulfillment company

We have been in contact with our third-party fulfillment company almost every day trying to get all of our backlogged orders out as soon as possible. Due to our main fulfillment center being located in Los Angeles (a current COVID hotspot), they have been dealing with their own set of issues and have been unable to ship as many orders as they projected. To make matters worse, despite our many requests over the past few weeks for them to focus on older orders first, orders are still being shipped out of chronological order in an effort to clear the backlog as quickly as possible. This is why some customers who placed an order after 12/14 may have received their order before those who placed an order on 11/30.

In essence, despite their best efforts, they have not been able to uphold their projections to us, projections we have in turn told you about in our past updates. This has been extremely frustrating for us, and I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for many of you. At this point, I have accepted that although I cannot control what they do on their end, I can focus on what I can control: 

First of all, I want to apologize to anyone who has had an issue with their order this year. Every year, our team strives to make your Passion Planner experience great, and this year we dropped the ball with many of you. I am sorry, and we will continue to work to make next year better. 

Secondly, I want to make things right. 

For orders that have been placed on or before 12/23 that have not yet shipped, we want to offer five different solutions you can choose from: 

  • To redeem these offers, please visit our support form and select "Delayed Orders Placed Before 12/23" under "Ticket Category". 
    • In this email please include your order number and which of the following solution you would like and our support team will do their best to give you that solution as quickly as possible:
    • Solution 1) Wait for your order +  Receive a Free voucher for Digital Weekly or Daily Bundle of choice ($55 Retail Value)
      • Weekly Annual 2021 
      • Weekly Undated 
      • Daily Undated 
    • Solution 2) Wait for your order +  Receive a Free Just Start Virtual Summit GA Ticket ($75 Retail Value)
    • Solution 3) Wait for your order + Receive a Free Digital Gift Card
      • Order value $1 - 30 = $5
      • Order value $31 - 60 = $10 
      • Order value $61 - 100 = $15
      • Order value $101 + = $20 
    • Solution 4) Wait for your order + refund shipping cost
    • Solution 5) Cancel your unshipped order completely for a full refund 

    If you are a customer who is willing to wait with no need for an additional solution we thank you for your kindness and patience with us as we navigate this storm. As always, please feel free to download any of our free Full PDFs to print out and use as you wait for your order.

    Although these are costly solutions to us as a small business, we know this is the right thing to do. We hope you know we are doing everything we can to make things right as quickly as humanly and humanly possible. This has been a storm that we have been weathering for weeks, and we are grateful to our community that has decided to stand by our side. 

    Thank you again for your patience and understanding, and regardless of if this situation has affected you or not, I hope each of you are well and find time to breathe and take care of yourself during this very tumultuous and difficult time we are surviving as a society. One day at a time, one step at a time. 


    Angel and the Passion Planner Team

    Note: Since we respond to emails in the order that they are received, we recommend not sending a follow-up email after you respond with your chosen solution, as it will move you to the end of the queue. Please trust we are doing our very best to get back to you as quickly as we can. 

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