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Simple Tips for Staying Organized for a Stress-Free Summer

Simple Tips for Staying Organized for a Stress-Free Summer

Whether you picked up a summer internship, you’re carting around kids who are out of school for the summer or you have plans for some major R&R, there’s no room to slack off when it comes to staying organized and maintaining your sanity. If you want to live stress-free this summer, you have to keep your organizational expertise close and your planner even closer.

Don’t Forget Your Planner

Your Passion Planner is your lifeline when you’re in school or work, so just because the temperatures rise, and you hopefully have a bit of free time doesn’t mean you can just toss is aside. Maintain the structure that gets you through a big project or pushes you closer to reaching your goals. Use the monthly layouts to keep a birds-eye view of your month, and take to the weekly layouts to jot down appointments, summer sports schedules or even an afternoon nap. Don’t forget that it’s ok to write down to-dos that are fun and relaxing. Summers are meant for more than just work, so set that time aside and write it down.

Make a Routine (and Stick to It!)

Now that you realize you can’t make it through summer without your organization planner, take some time to make a summertime routine. Maybe you want to add some self-care practices before bedtime or set a day each week to meet up with friends. Maybe you’re in summer school and even if not, you’d like to keep up on reading and studying. Make a routine you can stick to, write it in your Passion Planner and make the effort to stay committed. If you maintain the routine, getting back into a more rigorous schedule after summer won’t be such a huge leap. You probably won’t be stuck with last-minute assignments or work that has to be completed by the end of the season. These tricks will help stop stress before it has a chance to creep in.

Find a Change of Scenery

For some people, the word “summer” is synonymous with “vacation.” If you are able to, take a trip somewhere; consider booking tours and lodging in advance and keep the schedule and pertinent information in your planner for stress-free travel. If you have to stay home, look for places you haven’t checked out before. When you’re used to studying in a library, try studying outside (bring a blanket and picnic to make a day out of it). Go for a hike or try a new restaurant—something that pulls you out of the typical day-to-day, and the only excuse you need is that it’s summer.

Keep Yourself Healthy

If you established a routine of going to the gym or therapy, don’t stop just because it’s summertime. Keep that self-care in place and consider adding to it. You could try to drink less caffeine or make gourmet meals full of fresh fruit and vegetables. Pack lunches the night before to stick to healthy meals (and your wallet might thank you, too). Be smart about snack choices and keep plenty of easy, low-mess foods around the house. Get a good night’s sleep, which is important year-round.

Cara Batema is a freelance writer and musician based in Los Angeles. She likes to write about the arts and psychology.


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