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25 Cute School Supplies to Live Out Your Cottagecore Dreams

25 Cute School Supplies to Live Out Your Cottagecore Dreams

We understand that preparing for going back to school in-person is both exciting and intimidating. As we shift our mindset and environments from distance learning to classroom learning, Passion Planner wants you to have the best (and cutest!) back to school supplies. 

What is Cottagecore

Cottagecore is a popular aesthetic that romanticizes simple living and countryside life. This lifestyle encourages traditional skills such as gardening and baking bread. The cottagecore aesthetic is ideal for those who love nature and appreciate a spontaneous picnic by the river. This aesthetic is an up-and-coming theme for school supplies and we’ve got the perfect list to help you start living out your cottagecore dreams.

25 Cute School Supplies to Live Out Your Cottagecore Dreams

Here’s the ultimate list of cute and aesthetic back to school supplies that high school and college students or teachers will love.

1. Academic Passion Planner in Celestial Blue Holo - $50.99 - $54.99

Two sticker books, two planners and two highlighters

The Academic Passion Planner in Celestial Blue Holo has an out of this world cover with a squishy hardcover feel. Keep your assignments organized while having the space to plan your next farmer’s market adventure. Use the Passion Roadmap to dream up your perfect cottagecore life, from tending to the lush herb garden in your future backyard to frolicking in an open meadow with friends before a makeshift picnic

Use a free downloadable PDF of the Academic Passion Planner to take it for a test drive or check out our tips to achieve academic success with your planner.

2. Kawaii Pastel Pens - $3

Pastel Pens

Image via memopad Etsy Shop

This is your sign to ditch boring ball point pens and try these cute pastel pens instead! These cute little creatures will make you smile every time you take notes.

3. Mini Wireless Thermal Printer - $50

Mini Wireless Thermal Printer | Cute School Supplies

Image via Amazon

Printing memories and labels has never been easier with this mini wireless printer. It connects to your smartphone via bluetooth or your computer via USB for a quick set-up. Print labels, photos, and designs to place into your planner or notebooks. The cute bear design of the printer will make you feel at one with the cozy cottagecore vibes. As a thermal printer, you don’t need to purchase ink—it will print your images with heat! Try creating your own nature-inspired labels to add an aesthetic touch. 

4. Monthly Tabs - $10.99

Monthly Tabs for Planners in Green Haven | Passion Planner

Organize the months of your Academic Passion Planner with monthly tabs! These tabs allow you to move through your schedule with ease and decorate your planner in a cute and simple way. For the ultimate cottagecore vibes, we recommend Earthly Neutrals, Green Haven, or Calming Tones to pair with your planner.

5. GoodNotes App - $8

GoodNotes Notetaking on iPad

Image via GoodNotes

If you have an iPad or a Macbook, the GoodNotes 5 app is a great space to elevate your note-taking. Jot down notes about your favorite plants, tips on composting, or your favorite salad recipe. From annotation abilities to endless customization features, take your notes further than using Google Docs or Word. 

GoodNotes is also compatible with our new Passion Planner Digital! Create cottagecore themed layouts, use endless digital stickers to decorate your planner, and more. Learn more about what makes Passion Planner Digital special in our latest blog post!

6. Puffy Laptop Sleeve - $28

Puffy Laptop Sleeve

Image via Baggu

A laptop sleeve keeps your computer safe when you’re on the go! The beautiful floral design is perfect for those who dream of laying in a flower field all day. Use it as a cushion under your laptop for extra height and comfort.

7. Time Marker Water Bottle - $14

Time Marker Water Bottle in Gradient Pastel

Image via Amazon

Staying hydrated at school can be a huge challenge for many students and teachers. This water bottle is designed to track your water intake throughout the day, so you’ll always know when to pause, breathe some fresh air, and take a sip. 

8. Cottagecore Sticker Book - $24.99

cottagecore sticker sheets

What’s a cute school supplies for college list without cute stickers?! This sticker book is the epitome of cute and cottagecore. With magical fungi, charming woodland creatures, and more these stickers will keep you comforted and dreaming your ideal cozy life all year long. 

9. Dry Erase Board - $2

Small Dry Erase Board

Image via Walmart

A dry erase board is a classic school supply that can help you stay organized, track your progress, and remember important dates. The nature of the dry erase board is perfect for students or teachers who want a clean slate each day.

10. Backpack - $33

Pastel Backpack

Image via Amazon

A backpack is the best investment for any student or teacher. This backpack has padded straps, 7 pockets, and can fit a 15 inch laptop. Plus, the material is waterproof and scratch resistant. With 37 cottagecore colors to choose from, you can match your backpack with your personal style.

11. File Shaped Sticky Notes - $10

 File Shaped Sticky Notes

Image via NotebookTherapy

Index your thoughts with these adorable file-shaped sticky notes! From bookmarking your textbook pages, to jotting down your farmer’s market shopping list, sticky notes are essential school must haves.

12. Notion - $0-$4/month


Image via Notion

Notion is a digital all-in-one workspace that allows you to organize your tasks and projects aesthetically. Create various boards and tasks to keep track of your cottagecore dreams. From building habit trackers that record the progress of your garden, to spreadsheets that track your plants’ watering schedules, you can design your life, your way. Notion is available for free, but offers a few paid plans to enhance your capabilities. This program is a great alternative for those who feel limited creatively by other online organization tools like Google Calendar.

13. Cute Frog Camera Cover - $10 

Cute Frog Camera Cover

Image via Urban Outfitters

Protect your laptop camera screen with this adorable silicon frog camera cover! This cover will block your camera for privacy and add a cute element to your online work. 

14. Sushi Pushpin Holder - $13

Sushi Pushpin Holder

Image via Amazon

The coolest school supplies are the ones that turn food into fun. Keep your pins in a safe place with this unique sushi shaped holder! This holder comes in a set of 50, so you can pin lots of  your photos, assignments, or notes on a bulletin board or wall.

15. Tools for School Sticker Book - $24.99

School Stickers | Tools for School Sticker Book by Passion Planner

This fun and functional sticker book for students, teachers, and life-long learners alike is the perfect tool to spice up your planner and notebook. The sticker book also contains lots of pages with cottagecore color palettes. These colorful stickers will help you track due dates, log your assignments, and make planning for school exciting!

16. Passion Journal - $30.99

Hiking Spread inside Passion Journal

Image via #PashFam @ariashion

The Passion Journal is the ultimate high-quality notebook that will allow you to keep your goals, class notes, and trackers all in one place. The Index page feature helps you organize your notebook by subject, as well as navigate your pages. 

Available in blank, dot grid, graph, and lined pages, this is the best notebook for all your needs, from solving math problems to doodling your dream cabin in the woods. 

17. Mini Boba Diffuser - $38

Boba Diffuser

Image via Smoko

Diffuse your favorite essential oils with this adorable boba diffuser. The scents will transport you to your dream cottage in the european countryside. 

18. Passion Highlighters - $19.99

Color swatch of Passion Highlighters in Vintage

Back to school accessories are not complete without the perfect set of markers or highlighters. Passion Highlighters offer both a chisel tip and a fineliner tip that are water-based and bleed-resistant. The double-sided feature is convenient for school because you can underline with the fine tip and highlight important sections with the chisel tip. 

Check out our tips on how to color code with your Passion Highlighters to organize your tasks or classes. 

19. Aesthetic Lunch Bag - $10-$12

Aesthetic Lunchbox with Avocado Design

Image via Creativelifejenny Etsy Shop

Lunch bags are one of the fundamental student and teacher essentials for the school year. This lunch bag is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is lined with aluminium foil that provides great insulation for both hot and cold meals. The fruity designs will inspire you to plant seeds into the garden you’ve always wanted. 

20. Cottagecore Bookmarks - $5

Cottagecore Bookmarks

Image via PlumTreeIllustration Etsy Shop

Live in your cottagecore and dark academia dreams with this cozy bookmark set! Never lose your place in a textbook or notebook again. 

21. Scented Macaron Eraser Pack - $9

Colorful Scented Macaron Eraser Pack

Image via Box Lunch

Add something sweet to your mistakes. These scented macaron erasers will not only smell amazing, they will transport you to a Parisian café each time you use them. 

22. Tombow Dual Brush Pens, Cottage Pack - $27

Tombow Dual Brush Pens (Cottage Pack)

Image via Tombow

Nothing screams cottagecore more than an aesthetic color palette! This Tombow dual brush pen pack is perfect for your planner layouts, notes, and other marker needs. Create the ultimate cottage themed layout with these 10 beautiful colors.

23. Little Animal Stand-Up Pencil Case - $18

Little Animal Stand Up Pencil Case

Image via Notebook Therapy

A sturdy pencil case is a must-have for all students and teachers. This adorable pencil case can be extended or compressed with the sliding feature! Choose between 8 different animals to fit your cottagecore aesthetic. 

24. Butterfly USB Flash Drive - $18

Butterfly Flash Drive

Image via Amazon

Who says flash drives have to be boring? Transport yourself into your outdoor garden with this butterfly shaped USB flash drive. It will safeguard all of your important files and ensure you won’t lose track of your drive with its unique design. Plus, the 64GB storage is the perfect size for big and small projects to store. 

25. Bento Lunch Box Container - $13

Pink Bento Lunch Box Container

Image via Amazon

Take your homegrown herbs and veggies on the go! Keep your lunch fresh and cute with this bento box container. This set comes with 3 stackable containers, a fork and spoon, and is microwave safe.

We hope this cute back to school supplies list adds some fun into your school year! Let us know in the comments which supplies are your favorite and your academic goals this year. Whether you’re going back to school in-person, or continuing online, Passion Planner wishes you all the best of luck. Have a great school year!

Author Bio

Joni Cobarrubias is the Social Media Associate at Passion Planner. Outside of work, she loves changing up her hair color, taking couples portraits, and making Youtube videos.
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