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$6.99 flat rate domestic shipping or FREE shipping on domestic orders $70+ USD!
December 2022: A Letter to the PashFam

December 2022: A Letter to the PashFam

Angelia Trinidad holding planners

Dear #PashFam, 

We need your help! 

We need more people to know about Passion Planner. The pandemic has been tough on us, and even though we have learned to navigate what feels like the perfect storm, we need help from you, our community.

Like most small businesses the holidays are our make it or break it season, it is where we ensure that we can afford to be able to be around another year or be faced with some tough decisions.

The team feels stressed because so much work has been done to make this part of the year successful and much of it is out of our hands. When I feel stressed or overwhelmed I do my best to lean on my community to help me brave the storm.

So what can you do to help?

  1. Please take a moment out of your day to share Passion Planner to someone or someone(s) you think would benefit from it. This can be in an email, on your Instagram feed or story, or in an in person conversation. Is there someone who would benefit from a little more direction, clarity, and structure? Could they use the planner or the free PDF
  2. Please engage with our content! We live in a world where the algorithm determines what gets seen so your comments, likes, shares mean the world to us! And who knows maybe your share ends up changing someone’s life!

The world is changing and life can be overwhelming. We hope this product helps people deal with overwhelm in a healthy and focused way. We hope that this tool helps people prioritize what really matters to them.

This company was built on community power. Tens of thousands of people coming together on a common mission to bring a life changing tool to life. We want to ensure that Passion Planner is around for decades to come, and we need your help to make it possible. 

Regardless of if you are willing or able to take action (or already have!), thank you for reading and I hope this holiday season is one of the best for you!

With love, 

Angel Trinidad and the Passion Planner Team


Passion Planner Resources: 

Join us for our free 2022 End of Year Reflection!

End of year reflection announcement

Our #PashFam End of Year Reflection is your opportunity to reflect on what truly matters. With a supportive community to cheer you on, the Passion Planner Team will guide you through a series of exercises to help you reflect and celebrate your successes with confidence.

During this #PashFam End of Year Reflection, you’ll connect with other intention-driven people who are planning their most authentic life. Celebrate this year’s achievements (big and small) and set aligned goals for 2023.

Join us on December 29th, 2022 to engage with the #PashFam community, reflect on your year, gain inspiration, and discover what it means to live a life true to you.

FREE Planner Printables

January monthly planner layout with stickers and writing

From our full 2023 Passion Planner layout, to habit tracker inserts, gratitude challenges and more, we have over four dozen planner PDFs, printable inserts, and worksheets to choose from! 

Wholesale and Special Order Pricing

Nine people holding a Passion Planner

Our Bulk Sales Program offers huge discounts to nonprofits, businesses and retailers alike! 

Bulk orders are available now with special pricing. The minimum order amount is $500 USD (10-12 planners), which is automatically discounted at 35% to $350 USD at checkout. From there, the discount goes up the more that’s purchased!

Wholesale orders are good for:

  • 📓 Teachers, professors, counselors, or academic leaders looking for tools to empower their students
  • 📓 Retailers wanting to carry Passion Planner in their store
  • 📓 Community leaders looking for planners to inspire their group or event
  • 📓 Businesses looking for tools to support their team (*may qualify as office supplies for business owners!)
  • 📓 Anyone looking for a unique prize/goodie bag item for events or retreats

Try Digital Planning for FREE

A digital and paper planner laying on a desk

Interested in entering the digital space of possibility? Free a two week sample of Passion Planner Digital for free! Learn more about Passion Planner Digital on our Youtube Channel

Official Passion Planner Facebook Community

Photos of Passion Planner Ambassadors holding planners

In this group, you’ll have access to resource guides to get started, goal guardians to hold you accountable, and a community that is actively pursuing a fun and stress-free life. We created this community to connect outside of our Monthly Reflections and virtual gatherings, all while sharing ourselves more authentically with you.

Gain insight into how we operate as a team, engage in our monthly themes and values, and continue to grow toward your goals. See you on Facebook!

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