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Flexible planning at your fingertips. Shop our NEW & IMPROVED Passion Planner Digital line!
Flexible planning at your fingertips. Shop our NEW & IMPROVED Passion Planner Digital line!
9 Passion Planner Layouts Based on Your Enneagram Type

9 Passion Planner Layouts Based on Your Enneagram Type

We’re all about self-discovery and learning more about ourselves at Passion Planner. The Enneagram, a personality test based on how you see the world and deal with your emotions, has become more popular in recent years.

In this article, find Passion Planner layouts based on your Enneagram Type! (Don’t know your type? Take the quiz here!)

1. The Reformer or Perfectionist

Enneagram 1 Passion Planner Layout (The Reformer)

As a Reformer, your Passion Planner reflects the discipline and structure you deeply value. Motivated by a strong moral compass, your agenda includes pursuits that are always in service to the greater good. Those around you know that they can depend on you to show up and keep your promises. Notorious for your organization, you are definitely a “planner person.”

2. The Helper or Giver

Enneagram 2 Passion Planner Layout (The Helper)

The name says it all. Just like the Helper you are, your Passion Planner features what you love most: helping others. Your planner pages may be filled with inspirational quotes that demonstrate your warmth and empathy. For you, Passion Planning isn’t just about hard work, it’s about heart work.

3. The Achiever

Enneagram 3 Passion Planner Layout (The Achiever)

Ambition is your middle name, Achiever. The Passion Roadmap is one of your favorite parts of the Passion Planner, as it illustrates your capacity to dream big. Despite your laser sharp focus, you know that plans can always change, so you make adjustments to your schedule with ease. With a drive that doesn’t quit, you are some of the biggest goal-getters of the #PashFam.

4. The Individualist

Enneagram 4 Passion Planner Layout (The Individualist)

For you, Individualist, your Passion Planner is not just a reflection of what you do, but who you are. You are motivated to find your purpose and grow in self-understanding. The pages of your planner capture your creativity and journey towards authentic living. Often your planner is not just for planning, but a journal of how you are becoming more of yourself.

5. The Investigator

Enneagram 5 Passion Planner Layout (The Investigator)

As an Investigator, you are keen to understand your environment and acquire knowledge on what you’re passionate about. Long to-do lists in your planner do not intimidate you, especially when it’s in service to your passion project. Though on most days you are a lone wolf, you love to engage with others who share your same interests and pursuits.

6. The Loyalist

Enneagram 6 Passion Planner Layout (The Loyalist)

You are easily the most trustworthy and reliable person in the bunch, Loyalist. True to your word, you take your commitments very seriously. Once something is written in your planner, it takes a lot for you to change plans as you are thoughtful about your obligations and how it impacts others.

7. The Enthusiast

Enneagram 7 Passion Planner Layout (The Enthusiast)

You, Enthusiast, are characterized by your daring and sense of adventure. Good things are sure to happen with your spontaneity and practical mindset combined. You cherish fun memories and experiences in your planner, whether it’s in the Weekly Reflection PDF or in your Good Things That Happened section.

8. The Challenger

Enneagram 8 Passion Planner Layout (The Challenger)

As a tough and resolute Challenger, nothing scares you. Purpose drives you to always do the right thing, even if it is the hard thing. Beating around the bush is not exactly your style; you prefer a straightforward approach to accomplish your goals. Your planner is sure to include endeavors that reinforce your independence and desire for justice.

9. The Peacemaker

Enneagram 9 Passion Planner Layout (The Peacemaker)

Your presence soothes even the most difficult of situations, Peacemaker. It is your mission to make others feel heard and understood, and you will go great lengths to cultivate harmony around you. We wouldn’t be surprised if your planner included affirmations and vision boards. Because of your affinity to create community, you have an easygoing aura that people want to follow.  

What’s your Enneagram type, #PashFam? Tell us in the comments!

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Paula Votendahl is a Content Marketing Specialist with Passion Planner and an Enneagram 4 (Individualist). In her free time she enjoys Passion Planning, practicing yoga, and watching movies.

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Mildred - April 20, 2021

I’m a 4w5 so I use the planner portion and then cover it up with stickers, drawings, and random pretty pictures to journal how I felt about the day.

NolyW - April 20, 2021

Number 2 through and through. Enneagram has changed so much perspective in how I work/communicate with others and care for myself. It really helps you take a step back and understand our emotions and decision making. Of course I now have to look at the planners! Such a great blog, thank you!

Tracey - April 20, 2021

When I click on the link I don’t see the specific layouts only the store and the weekly planner. Have I missed something. I have done a lot of ennegram work and curious to see other 9’s layout pages.

Janelle - April 20, 2021

Love this! 9w1 here. And do I spy some Sleeping at Last quotations amidst these layouts? So good!

Jennifer Delano - April 20, 2021

Im type number 1. As a busy free publicity expert… there is no room for painting and drawing. I wish I had the time and inspiration..

Dee - April 20, 2021

Kind of! I’m a 6 and the quotes and to dos are pretty accurate! But I’m also a mom of young kids, which brings some unpredictabilities and changes to life and schedules, so plans do move around and aren’t 100% set in stone. I guess as a loyalist I choose to put them first and be the most loyal to them. And I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

Lacey - April 20, 2021

Spot on. I’m a 1w9 and it feels like you took photos from my planner! Thanks for keeping all of this so light and positive for each number.

AB - April 20, 2021

I’m a 5. To do lists are fine but IMO decorating doesn’t help me at all so I just don’t do it. The example is way too pretty for every 5 I know.

Michelle - September 10, 2020

I came out as a 5. It was surprising in some areas but not in other’s. I’m on a journey, in the process of embracing who i am.

Emily - August 24, 2020

Paula, it made a lot of sense to get to the end and read that you’re a 4! I thought that spread seemed much more insightful that the angsty surface treatment that 4s get in so many posts! ;)

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