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How to Build a Routine with Passion Planner

How to Build a Routine with Passion Planner

My routine is a critical part of my day-to-day. Structure and consistency give me the peace of mind I need to remain motivated and keep going. I believe it is not only the foundation for success but also the cornerstone of establishing a healthy self-care practice. During hectic times, I know I can recalibrate by coming back to a reliable day-to-day.

In this article, I’ll share different strategies you can use to build a routine with your Passion Planner.

1. Compile inspiration in the back pages of your Passion Planner.

Pinterest and YouTube are gold mines for routine ideas. It can be difficult to know where to start in creating one, so it can be helpful to glean from others for inspiration. I compile ideas on Pinterest to discover creative ways to track habits and build a healthy lifestyle. 

YouTube influencers like Rowena Tsai and Lavendaire provide thoughtful guidance in routine building and taking care of yourself. As you gather ideas that resonate with you, write them down in the back pages of your Passion Planner to reference.

2. Design a routine that aligns with your lifestyle.

Recently, I began exploring the behemoth that is skincare because my face wash and moisturizer routine just weren’t cutting it. Imagine my horror when I learned that a 10-step skincare regimen actually existed. (Did you know that you have to cleanse TWICE now?) I can barely keep up with a 3-step skincare regimen. 

Right away, I knew that a 10-step skincare routine would not be realistic for me. The same can be said for your day to day: consider how your everyday patterns align with your personality. Don’t feel obligated to include things in your routine that don’t work for you. Here are a few items to think about:

Give yourself a quantity range for flexibility. 

For example, I commit to my yoga practice three to five times per week because my energy level fluctuates.

Do the things you love. 

I love going to the movies, so I make sure to schedule it into my planner at least once a week.

Cut out what drains you. 

Social media is one of my main soul-suckers and it took up a lot of my time. So, I limited myself to 20 minutes a day.

Once you have reflected on these questions, block out time in your Passion Planner to do what you enjoy throughout the week. Use the Not To-Do List to record items you want to perform less.

3. Make routine mindmaps for when you’re energized and when you’re overwhelmed.

I have made the mistake of developing routines under the assumption that I would be energized all the time. Inevitably, I learned that operating at 100% all day, every day, is not sustainable nor realistic. Plan ahead by creating a routine specifically for low-energy days. Be mindful of these three things:

Identify your symptoms for burnout. 

Overindulgence in junk food and sleep indicates to me that I am doing too much. What are your tell-tale signs?

Minimize triggers. 

As an introvert, I have to reduce social time to re-energize. What do you need to cut out to recalibrate?

Define your bare minimum. 

Getting at least 7 hours of sleep, brushing my teeth, and showering each day are habits I want to keep up with, even on slow days. What are small habits you can commit to when you’re feeling stressed?

Life will definitely throw you curveballs, but simplifying and staying consistent will ensure that you can bounce back with ease.

4. Utilize the free Habit Tracker PDF in your planner.

Building healthy habits is a critical part of developing a consistent routine. An effective tool to hold yourself accountable is the free Habit Tracker download we have on our website. Of all the Passion Planner inserts, this is the one that has been the most effective in helping me keep up with a routine. 

Whether I am tracking basics from brushing my teeth and sleep patterns, or building a new habit such as budgeting or skincare, the Habit Tracker keeps me committed and consistent. Customize yours however you see fit. You can even split it up between mornings and evenings!

5. Make your routine fun.

Who says routines are boring? It is easier to invest your time in a routine when you enjoy it. When I was trying to jump back into waking up at 5AM, the first thing I would do when rising is watch early 2000s romantic comedies on Netflix. Because I would happily wake up for Drew Barrymore and Mandy Moore films any day, I actually looked forward to waking up at the crack of dawn each morning. 

Get creative with infusing joy into your routine: play your favorite music, reward yourself, or start a competition with your friends. “Same old, same old” is a thing of the past.

Are you ready to build a routine towards your ideal life? Buy your Passion Planner today!

Paula Votendahl is a Content Marketing Specialist with Passion Planner. In her free time she enjoys eating Hot Cheetos and watching British period dramas. 

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