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How to Plan Using the Weekly Undated Passion Planner

How to Plan Using the Weekly Undated Passion Planner

Life never happens according to plan. That’s why our recent spring collection focuses on growth through any season of our lives. To us, slow intentionality trumps hyperproductivity any day. Our variety of Passion Planner formats inspire dream-chasing at a pace that feels right for you. 

If you can never seem to find a planner you can keep up with, your search ends here. The Weekly Undated Passion Planner might be the solution you’re looking for. Let's trade the hustle for a sustainable stroll towards our life goals. 

In this article, we’re teaching you the art of planning stress-free using the Weekly Undated.

“Proper Planning” is a Myth

Picture this: the New Year arrives and you’re ready to take on your goals. You buy a new yearly planner. The promise of its crisp, blank pages motivates you to start your life anew. Through January, you’re devoted to tracking, reflecting, and scheduling in your planner. Then February rolls around. You realize you’re burning out. Planning for the future is no longer a hobby but a chore. So you skip a week. Then another. Then you give up all together because you’ve already “missed too much.” 

We've all been there. This is planner guilt in a nutshell, the number one reason other planners might not work for you. A big misconception about owning a planner is that you must use it every day. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

If you think you’re a non-planner person, you might actually be an Undated-planner person. 

We expanded our planner line because we saw a need to support all kinds of planning styles. A dated annual planner may be suitable for some people, but not all. Especially for those of us who prefer a hands-off approach to scheduling. The Weekly Undated Passion Planner is our response to the myth of "proper planning."

There is no such thing as "perfect" or "better" planning. The most effective planning method is the one that works for you. 

Make a Plan, Minus the Stress: Benefits of an Undated Planner

Undated planners provide the best of both worlds: a structured outlet to planning your life, without the intimidation of dates and deadlines. You have the power to determine when using your planner serves you best. Don’t feel like planning this week? Skip it! Don’t feel like planning for the next three months? It’s all good—come back whenever you’re up for it. Kiss planner guilt goodbye and focus your energy on the things that matter most to you. 

The Weekly Undated Passion Planner is a consistent community favorite for many reasons. Here’s why our #PashFam loves the Undated: 

  • Flexible scheduling so you can plan (or not plan) as you please
  • Detailed breakdown of your goals from big picture to monthly and weekly tasks
  • Extra space to customize and personalize your planner

How to Plan with the Undated Passion Planner

The mission of Passion Planner is to help you live your life with intention. Our planner drills down on what your ideal life looks like so you can schedule it into your week. Here’s a quick guide on the structure of the Weekly Undated Passion Planner.

1. Future Plans Begin Here: The Passion Roadmap

Passion Roadmap Exercise in Passion Planner. Goals include Publish a Novel, Get Married, Move to New York, Have a Dog, Learn a New Language, Cook a New Recipe, Prioritize Mental Health, and Apply to Grad School

The signature Passion Roadmap is what makes us Passion Planner. Before even thinking about your to-do list, you’re prompted to identify your life’s wishlist. Ask yourself, “If I could be anything, do anything, or have anything, what would it be?” 

Once you’ve filled out your Roadmap, you choose your Gamechanger. This is the goal that’s going to make the most positive impact on your life right now. Break the Gamechanger down into actionable steps and assign deadlines to each. 

This is how you elevate regular planning to Passion Planning. Orient your schedule towards your life goals first, not your obligations or responsibilities. Then you are basing your schedule on what you want to do, instead of what you have to do. 

Want to give the Passion Roadmap a whirl before buying your planner? Download it for free here!

2. A Monthly Plan for Flexibility: The Monthly Layout 

Undated Passion Planner Monthly Layout.

Monthly Layouts provide a glance at your month. Unlike Dated Passion Planners, they are grouped together at the beginning right after the Roadmap. On this page you'll find specific sections to flesh out your month. This includes areas for a Monthly Focus, Personal and Work Projects, and more. Hone in on the details or stick with the essentials; it’s completely up to you!

3. Monthly Reflection Questions  

Monthly Reflection Questions inside the Passion Planner. Questions include, "How are you different between this month and the month before it?" "What and who are you especially grateful for this month?" and "Name three things you can improve on this coming month. What concrete actions can you take towards these improvements?"

Monthly Reflections are opportunities for checking in with yourself. This guided exercise includes a series of seven questions to reflect on your month. Celebrate the small wins, reminisce on memories made, and find ways to improve for the next month. Although answers are in lined form, we encourage you to infuse your own flare. That means drawings, photographs, and whatever else your planning style calls for!

Download a free sample of the Monthly Reflection exercise here.

4. Plan Your Week with Ease: Weekly Layouts 

Undated Passion Planner Weekly layout and Passion Markers. Write down your schedule in the vertical appointment slots, note your tasks in the personal and work to do lists, and identify your focuses for the week and month.

This is where the magic happens. Your Weekly Layouts are a chance to build on the goals you set in your Passion Roadmap. You have seven days worth of planning with the option of beginning on Sunday or Monday. Sections include a Weekly and Daily Focus, Good Things That Happened, and more To-Do Lists. Visit our article on 72 unique Passion Planner ideas for ways to customize this page!

Effective Planning Tips with an Undated Planner

Now that you know the basic structure of an Undated Passion Planner, it’s time to really make it your own. There are plenty of creative ways to get the most out of your Undated Passion Planner. Because there are no dates, you have even more options to customize it. Here are just a few of our favorite ways of doing so.

Separate Work and Personal Life

Undated Passion Planners with school or work life written in the monthly layouts, and personal life written in the weekly layouts. The structure of the planner allows you to separate them by format if that's your preference.

Take advantage of the separate Monthly and Weekly Layouts. Assign a different purpose for each format; use one for your personal life, and the other for work!

Categorize Weeks Based on Subject

Use the weekly pages of your Passion Planner to categorize by subject. Use one week for Math, another for English, and so on!

This is one of our favorite hacks for academic success. Create different weekly spreads based on school subject so you don't mix up school assignments!

Meal Plan

In addition to planning out your week, you can also use the appointment slots of your weekly layout to schedule and plan your meals!

Meal planning is a great way to set your food budget and save time. Create inventories for grocery needs and use the monthly calendar to schedule meals to cook

Wedding Planning

Use the monthly layout of your Undated Passion Planner for wedding planning! Track important wedding dates, appointments, and tasks in the scheduler and the to-do list section. You can even include other details in the blank areas provided.

Planning a wedding doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Ensure you’re on task without the anxiety of hard deadlines and unmet expectations. Flexibility and willingness to adjust makes the process a whole lot easier!

Social Media Planner

You also have the option of using your Undated weekly pages to track your content creation schedule and goals.

Building a digital presence takes creativity and careful planning. Use the Undated to organize your social media calendar and manage online platforms.

Memory Journal

Undated Passion Planner Weekly layout for memory planning. Note important moments of your day and include pictures and illustrations!

Repurpose your planner into a journal to record your favorite memories. Use your favorite pens and photos to turn your planner into a keepsake you’ll treasure for life. 

Color Code

Using a highlighter or marker of your choice, color code all of the items in your appointment scheduler by category to make it easy to differentiate between them.

Color coding your planner is a surefire way to up your planning game. Dedicate colors to different life categories such as work, social outings, and appointments.

Use our Free Planner Downloads

In the monthly and weekly layouts, there's a blank space called the Space of Infinite Possibility for you to include free inserts that are available on our website. The one shown is our Habit Tracker which includes a column for habits, the days of the week, and a reward you want to give yourself when you meet your goal that week.

Take advantage of our library of 30+ FREE PDF downloads! Enjoy #PashFam favorites like our Habit Tracker, Year in Pixels, and many moreall without paying a cent!

Whether you use our Undated Weekly or any other planner, we hope you take its pages and make it your own. Do you use the Undated Passion Planner? Let us know in the comments!  

Author Bio

Paula Votendahl is a copywriter with Passion Planner. In her free time, she enjoys creative writing and watching British period dramas on her couch.

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