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Passion Week Feature: Chelsea

Passion Week Feature: Chelsea

At Passion Planner, all team members receive a “Passion Week” each year. With paid time off and a stipend to spend on pursuing our passions, we ensure that we’re not only helping others live out their dreams, but living out our own.

Chelsea, our Vice President, held an event called You Are Here with proceeds going to a local arts nonprofit in National City. Here’s her reflection on her most recent Passion Week.

What did you do for your Passion Week?

For my Passion Week, I produced and curated an event called You Are Here that showcased people within our community who aren't simply chasing, but living their passions. 

The show was dedicated to the Youth — the youth today, to come and the Youth in us. 

Half of ticket proceeds benefited A Reason to Survive (ARTS), a local non-profit whose mission is to lift the youth to become confident, compassionate, and courageous community builders through the transformative power of creativity.

Why did you choose this for your Passion Week?

In my journey of self-discovery, 2017 was the year I really started to reflect on my life experiences and environment; how they have shaped me. This past year, my reflections gravitated more towards my youth days — how I felt, what I had, what I wish I had, who I looked up to, why I looked up to them; the list goes on. While this was happening, I connected with A Reason to Survive (ARTS)

Suddenly, everything clicked — the importance of nurturing (you)th.

We get so caught up in growing up and responsibilities. 

Our inner child is the first thing we let go of but the one thing that keeps us true to ourselves. It is FOUNDATIONAL as we strive to be our authentic selves. It is our guide — the light that lives within each and every one of us.

Whether it's the youth today, to come or the youth in us, we must continue to nurture it. It's not the answer to peace or anything, but I truly believe it's foundational for human beings to continue to transcend.

The world has become such a dark place. Many people lose themselves in searching for their light... soon enough they come to find out that their light lived within themselves this whole time.

Simply put, You Are Here was an event for people to create, connect and inspire.

On a deeper level, it was more than just an event — it was an expression of my life experiences, growth and hope for humanity.

What did you learn?

1) You don't have to do it alone. Help is available, you just have to ask. :)

2) You are more capable than you think.

3) Being your authentic self while practicing empathy and offering grace is foundational to doing good work.

4) Success is subjective.

What would you do if given one week to pursue your passions, #PashFam? Whatever you choose, schedule it in your planner and commit to following through with it!

You Are Here Photographers:

Amaurian Chagoya @amaurianphotos

Marianne Castillo @mrnncstll

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