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102 Self Love Affirmations to Soothe Your Spirit

102 Self Love Affirmations to Soothe Your Spirit

When I set out to write about self love, my first reaction was a flood of everything NOT self love. Self doubt. Fear. Impostor Syndrome. I thought, “How can I tell people how to have self love, when I’m not even sure that I have any myself?”

But that is exactly why we at Passion Planner believe self love is so important to talk about. We live in a society that fattens up then feeds on our insecurities. Loving ourselves is a radical journey that will take us through our entire lives. 

Today, we are celebrating that journey with 61 self love affirmations.

What is Self Love 

Believe me, if I knew THE answer, I would tell you all about it! The truth is that each one of us will constantly define and redefine our unique understanding of what self love means for us. That said, my (current, ever-evolving, moving target) self love definition is this: 

Self love is the understanding that no one knows me like I know me. I am the only person on this Earth who can know the full beauty and depth of my spirit. 

Self love is a commitment to expand, explore, protect, and honor that knowledge, so that I may give the gift of Me to the world.

Why is Love Important (Even For Yourself)

To answer this, let me expand on that last part of my Self Love definition: “So that I may give the gift of Me to the world.” 

Each one of us has unique gifts and experiences to offer, but we have created a society hardwired to make us forget our worth. It tells us to be thinner but also thicc-er, to speak our minds, but not too loudly. To be smarter, sexier, richer… It tells us we are always lacking.

We often wonder how to achieve self love, whether tying it to being productive or waiting for that 'one thing' that will finally allow us to embrace ourselves as we are. But really, that IS love: it’s the vulnerable, critical act of revealing our most genuine selves. It reminds us that we are worthy of being seen, despite all the noise that tells us otherwise.

102 Self Love Affirmations to Soothe Your Spirit

And when all else fails, there’s a mantra for THAT! No matter how good we get at this self love thing, we can all use a reminder once in a while. Affirmations for self esteem, affirmations for self worth, confidence affirmations… you name it, we have one for you here!

Affirmations for Self Love

"Everything that you are is enough" on an orange illustrated tote bag

Above: Sticker from Self-Care Sticker Book

  1. I love myself. 
  2. Everything I need is already inside of me. 
  3. I am proud of who I am.
  4. I deserve the love in my life.
  5. I accept all aspects of my being.
  6. The beauty of the world is reflected in me. 
  7. I thank myself for all that I have lived through.
  8. I am complete in my own company.
  9. I speak to myself with love and kindness.
  10. I will speak my own Love Language to myself.
  11. I am enough.
  12. I step into my worthiness every day. 
  13. I embrace all parts of me, including the healing parts.
  14. I practice tenderness to myself when I’m having a hard time. 
  15. I am kind to myself. 
  16. I allow myself to receive love.   
  17. Everything that I am is enough. 

Affirmations for Confidence

"Boldly and unapologetically take up space" in playful hand lettering

Above: Sticker from Women's Empowerment Sticker Book

  1. The world needs the gifts that I have to give.
  2. I am exactly who I am supposed to be at this moment in time.
  3. I know what I’m talking about. 
  4. What I have to say is worthy of being heard. 
  5. I see, know, and honor the good in me.
  6. I belong in the spaces that I occupy. 
  7. I am proud of myself no matter the outcome.
  8. My younger self would be ecstatic to see me.
  9. I am my ancestors’ dream come true. 
  10. I am the main character of my own life.
  11. I attract the success that feels most authentic to me.
  12. I am powerful. 
  13. I embody leadership with grace. 
  14. I am capable of great things. 
  15. My presence is valuable.
  16. I deserve to be here.  
  17. I boldly and unapologetically take up space. 

Affirmations for Anxiety

"it will be okay."

Above: Sticker from Self-Care Sticker Book

  1. I will survive this moment, as I have survived them all before. 
  2. I choose the thoughts that I accept.
  3. I choose the feelings that I accept. 
  4. I am in the driver’s seat.
  5. I see my fears, and I release them. 
  6. My courage is greater than my anxiety. 
  7. I am wanted in the spaces I occupy. 
  8. I trust the process.
  9. I am safe in my mind and body.
  10. I extend to myself the same grace I give to others.
  11. I got this. 
  12. Just keep breathing/swimming. (Depending if you’re in an Ariana Grande or Dory kind of mood!) 
  13. This moment will pass.
  14. I will make it through this. 
  15. I choose to protect my peace. 
  16. My feelings are valid. 
  17. It will be okay. 

Affirmations for Success

"Heart work over hard work"

Above: Sticker from Women's Empowerment Sticker Book

  1. My success is inevitable. 
  2. My potential is limitless.
  3. All of my hopes and dreams are within reach.
  4. I am worthy of the good things that come to me. 
  5. All the universe is conspiring to help me. (Thanks, Paulo Coehlo)
  6. I trust the timing of my journey.
  7. I shape my own destiny.
  8. I have everything that I need to succeed.
  9. All of my experiences have prepared me for this moment.
  10. I trust my instincts.
  11. My talents serve a meaningful purpose. 
  12. I define my own version of success. 
  13. I grow past any obstacles. 
  14. I believe in myself. 
  15. I am a source of inspiration for others. 
  16. People are rooting for me. 
  17. I am qualified and exceptional. 

Affirmations for Health

"I deserve rest"

Above: Sticker from Women's Empowerment Sticker Book

  1. I thank my body for walking me through all my life.
  2. I thank the Earth for its nourishment. 
  3. My body carries me through everything.
  4. I trust my body to know what it needs.
  5. I love my body unconditionally. 
  6. I honor and protect my mind and body. 
  7. I am a friend to my mind and body.
  8. My body houses, shelters, and protects me. 
  9. I am worthy of wellness.
  10. I am overflowing with aliveness.
  11. I respect the current shape and abilities of my body. 
  12. I know and embrace what makes me feel good. 
  13. I take loving care of myself. 
  14. I choose health. 
  15. I know my body best. 
  16. I am happy to be alive. 
  17. I deserve rest.

Affirmations for Healing

"You are loved" affirmation on a couch pillow

Above: Sticker from Self-Care Sticker Book

  1. I am on a beautiful journey.
  2. I have overcome every obstacle that I have ever faced, and...
  3. I will overcome every obstacle that comes my way.
  4. I grow through all that I go through.
  5. I thank all of the past versions of myself for bringing me here. 
  6. I am the writer of my own story.
  7. I deserve healing. 
  8. The past is in the past, and I live in the beauty of the present.
  9. I choose how I speak to myself.
  10. I am grateful for who I am becoming.
  11. My love is bigger than my wounds. 
  12. I step into my power.
  13. I am a soothing source of support to myself and others. 
  14. I choose my own pace of healing. 
  15. I inspire change for the better. 
  16. My path is unique to me. 
  17. I am loved.


Want to fill your planner with self love affirmations? Try our Women's Empowerment, Self Care, and NEW Gratitude and Affirmations Sticker Books! 

Author Bio

Wendy Sigler is Passion Planner’s resident Sometimes-Copywriter. When she’s not pondering love and life on this blog, she’s probably doing it on her podcast Before the Fern Dies. Follow her on Instagram @wendylin.h to see what she’s cooking up next!

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