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2020 Holiday Shipping Update

2020 Holiday Shipping Update

Dear #PashFam, 

First of all, thank you for your patience during this holiday season. Although we have been in business for 7 years, we are in a holiday season unlike any other. 

With growth comes growing pains and we are in a very large one. 

For weeks we have been tirelessly working to get these planners to you and to be completely transparent, we are in a bind.

This year, to help with the workload that our small team was unable to handle due to COVID regulations, we decided to take a huge step and shift to a third party fulfillment company to help ship our orders. Although they assured us they would be able to keep up with the volume, due to the massive spike seen in e-commerce this year, they unfortunately haven’t been able to do so. We are communicating with them daily and have high hopes that they will be able to ramp up shipping soon, but with so many factors, the exact timeline is still uncertain.

Due to these delays, some orders may not be fulfilled within the originally promised fulfillment time. 

We realize we have let many of you down. We tried our best, but we were unable to deliver.

As the CEO of this company, I take full responsibility for this debacle, and am sorry for the unforeseen delay. It breaks my heart to let you down, and honestly, it has been hard to sleep with this on my mind.

What We’re Doing Now:

  1. Honoring refund requests to cancel your order: I understand this is not what you expected from us and we are willing to honor any requests to cancel your order and get your money back. You can find out more on submitting an order cancelation request here. Our team will assist you with your order as soon as we can. 

  2. Created a “Your Gift is on its Way” digital graphic template that you can send to anyone you’ve bought gifts for so they can still get excited about what’s to come.

  3. Corresponding with our fulfillment company and continuing to be transparent with any updates, while we work to get your orders out as quickly as we can.

We can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding as we weather this storm. It really means the world to us. This year has been a wild one and this feels like the season finale of a really tough year. We deeply appreciate your support of our small business and are extremely grateful for all of the grace and compassion you have shown us throughout the years. Thank you for believing in us and having our backs as we navigate this. 



Angel and The Passion Planner Team

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Maria Presta - January 12, 2021

Thank You Passion Planner for creating such a Beautiful product. I too am going to wait for my Passion Planner order. I am trying to be patient, but am excited to receive it and begin using it. I think this is either the third or fourth I have owned. I just wanted to thank you, just hope that you and all who are working to fulfill the orders stay healthy and safe.

Angel Trinidad, CEO of Passion Planner - December 29, 2020

@Rosina, thank you so much for your kind words. They mean so much to me and really lifted my spirits through this really dark and difficult time. I am so sorry about your grooming company being shut down this year. That is so hard. I am glad that Passion Planner helped you through it. Wishing you success, stability and joy in 2021 from San Diego.

@Julieann Thank you also for being willing to wait. You can download all of our PDF’s for free here: The specific one you are looking for is here: enjoy!

Rebecca Windt - January 12, 2021

It must be very disappointing to try to work with a company that has obviously put out a promise that they can’t follow through. It’s the kind of situation that will likely see you loosing customers over in 2021. As a loyal customer for many years I hope that you are looking into offering something to your customers that have allowed you to have their money and wait patiently for orders to be shipped. It was, to say the least, disappointing to order early (11/19/20) knowing some of the good sales that you have offered in the past only to see my hopes of sharing your product with friends as Christmas gifts dashed. I will continue to be patient, and hope my order will ship soon.

Courage Molina - January 12, 2021

While I appreciate this being posted on the website I would have loved to have received this in my email inbox. I have sent 2-3 messages regarding my order without response and then found this.

I LOVE the planner, I recommend it to my clients and decided to include it in my VIP Welcome Gifts, but this just doesn’t work. I don’t have a printer which means not only did I pay for my planner, but now I have to pay for printing as well.

Can we be given access to the digital planner in the meantime?

Rosina Marie Newton - December 29, 2020

Your honest, and that is hard to come by. I am so honored to buy products with leaders that are simple honest. I don’t care how long, I will always pick passion planner for life. As a groomer it has changed my life after being shut down earlier this year. When the company is that good it’s worth it. It may not mean much but a business owner in a small town in Yelm, Wa believes in you and your company. #2021supporteachother

Julie Ann Green - December 28, 2020

Thank you for you email re the delay, I am very happy to wait, I could not live without my planner. In the mean time could you provide me with the printable weekly page starting with Monday, to use while I wait.

Many thanks

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