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Staycation Ideas: 3 Creative Itineraries for Your Getaway at Home

Staycation Ideas: 3 Creative Itineraries for Your Getaway at Home

It’s no secret that the past few years haven’t exactly gone according to plan. Crossing out long awaited trips and vacations in your Passion Planner has become the norm. 

That said, there are still plenty of things to do on vacation in your own home.

Who wants to wait two hours in a security line at the airport anyway? Or drive 80 miles to finally find a rest stop to use the bathroom? 

In this article, we’re bringing your dream getaway to you. So pack your bags! (Or rather, don’t!) We’re heading to three different destinations for your next staycation. 

1. Greece

Greece staycation ideas written inside Passion Planner Daily against tan background.

Above: Daily Undated Passion Planner Sakura Melody Rose Gold, Stickers from Women’s Empowerment Sticker Book, Passion Highlighters (formally Passion Markers)

I can’t be the only one who’s pinned a picture of Santorini on their summer ideas Pinterest board. Home to world famous historical ruins and beautiful beaches, Greece is no stranger to dream destination bucket lists. 

Bring the beauty of Greece into your home with these staycation ideas:    

2. Japan 

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Japan is one of the cultural capitals of the world, and a travel destination I hope to visit one day. As a leader in technology, cuisine, and entertainment, Japan offers plenty of inspiration for your vacation at home. 

Here’s how to travel to Japan without leaving your front door:

3. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite staycation ideas written inside Passion Planner Daily against a green background with Passion Markers and climbing hooks.

Above: Daily Undated Passion Planner in Moss Green, Stickers from Women’s Empowerment Sticker Book, Passion Highlighters (formally Passion Markers)

Adventure awaits on your Yosemite staycation! While some of us are close enough to make the drive, we wanted to create an itinerary for folks who want to enjoy the natural splendor of one of America’s most picturesque national parks, without the hours of driving. 

Experience your very own Yosemite backyard staycation with these ideas: 

  • Pitch a tent in your home or whatever outdoor space you have available. 
  • Challenge yourself to a digital detox! Turn off all your electronics and go Wifi free for a day or two.
  • S’mores anyone? Light a makeshift campfire, roast marshmallows, and tell scary stories. If you’re camping solo, there’s always podcasts like My Favorite Murder for the laughs and Nightlight for the spooks.  
  • Watch Free Solo, a documentary on Alex Honnold’s journey to free climbing El Capitan, a 3000 foot rock formation in Yosemite. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat--this one’s a nailbiter!  
  • Donate to our friends at American Forests to support conservation efforts and environmental advocacy for national parks and forests.

If these staycation destinations aren’t your cup of tea, there’s no problem! The possibilities are endless when creating your own getaway at home. 

Here are some additional tips on what to do on a staycation. 

  • Instead of becoming a tourist in your own town, become a better local! Discover the hidden gems and lesser known small businesses in your area that deserve more customers and Yelp reviews.
  • Try geocaching, known as “the world’s largest treasure hunt.”  
  • Go on a vacation for the mind with this weeklong visualization challenge for increased clarity and peace.
  • No matter where your staycation (virtually) takes you, practice cultural appreciation by taking online workshops from destination locals and buying food and goods from  respective homegrown businesses.
  • Take a movie you’ve seen hundreds of times and play it dubbed with the target language you want to speak. It’s a fun way to learn, and you’ll get the gist of what’s being said because you know the film so well! 
  • Just because it’s not happening this year doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all! Plan a dream vacation in your Passion Planner anyway and then use it as your itinerary when you finally get to go. 
  • Choose from any of these 100 suggestions for even more ideas for things to do at home. 

Vacations may be canceled, but fun and memory-making doesn’t have to be.

Whether you choose these pre-made itineraries or create your own, you still have the power to make this summer one for the books. 

We can’t wait to see you plan the staycation of a lifetime in your Passion Planner! Where are you headed for your getaway at home? Tell us in the comments! 

Author Bio

Paula Votendahl is a Content Marketing Specialist with Passion Planner. Her ideal staycation is cooking cacio e pepe with her fiancé and playing tug of war with her English bulldog, Bella.

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