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$6.99 flat rate domestic shipping or FREE shipping on domestic orders $70+ USD!
$6.99 flat rate domestic shipping or FREE shipping on domestic orders $70+ USD!
2022 Mid-Year Company Update

2022 Mid-Year Company Update

Post-it with this year written out

Hey #PashFam, 

Can you believe we’re over halfway through 2022?! Here at Passion Planner we are on a mission to help as many people as possible live more intentionally. Even with that mission we find ourselves caught up in a whirlwind of life wondering where all of our time has gone. 

Flipping through the pages of my planner I am filled with so much pride and joy for what our team and community has accomplished together. I think that is one of my favorite benefits about using a planner. My planner becomes a catalog of the good that life has given me and the bad that I have been able to overcome. 
We decided to start writing these company updates to give a little summary of things we’ve been working on. I hope that these updates make you feel good about being a part of our journey, and that you feel how much we appreciate your support. We really couldn’t do this without you.

I can’t believe it’s been almost 9 years since that first Kickstarter campaign. What once started as me shipping planners out of my parents' garage, to a company helping more than 1,000,000 people live more intentionally worldwide, take it from me that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to start. 

Huge virtual hugs,  
Angelia “Angel” Trinidad
CEO and Founder of Passion Planner

What we’ve been up to in the first half of 2022:

In a Nutshell: 

  • Launched 46 new products this year alone! Planners, sticker books, and digital - oh my! 
  • Celebrated our team and how far we’ve come together at Disneyland for our company retreat! 
  • Held our first in person giving event in 2 years at San Diego Pride and gave away $32,000 worth of planners! 
  • Welcomed new #PashAmbassadors to the team! 
  • Shifted shipping back with USPS priority mail as our main carrier to ensure packages are delivered as quickly as possible, just in time for the busy season!
  • Launched our Bulk Sales Program offering huge discounts to nonprofits, businesses and retailers alike! 
  • Answered more than 6,500 emails
  • Released 6 new PDF’s to help you live more intentionally for free!
  • Started cooking up our next year releases, top secret at the moment muhaha >:) 
  • Rolled out low cost flat rate shipping on all orders $4.99 as well as FREE shipping on domestic orders over $59! 
  • Reached $667,420 in donations to nonprofits including ARTS (A Reason to Survive), American Forests, charity: water, Movemeant Foundation, Malala Fund, and more.

Not in a nutshell ^-^: 

Launched  46 New Products This Year!

  • This June we had one of our BIGGEST collection launches of the year, releasing 
    • THREE 2022-2023 Academic Passion Planners covers Haven Hills, Adventure Green, and our classic Elite BlackTwo Academic Planners being held up
    • This launch was a little later than expected – BUT if you’re an Academic user, know we’re working on an earlier launch next year so you can jumpstart your school year sooner!! 
    • FOUR new Limited Edition Passion Planner Daily covers, Arctic Blue, Tiger Orange, Birds and Bees Yellow and Moss Green!GIF of four daily planner colors

Launched our THIRD version of Passion Planner Digital in July!

  • In the last three years, our digital community has grown to 47k PashFam on our Passion Planner Digital Instagram account
  • Launched Passion Planner Digital Youtube Channel! Tune in to learn tips and tricks on how to get the most out of digital planning. 
  • Launched a free sample of Passion Planner Digital! Interested in trying Passion Planner Digital? We offer a FREE sample of our Digital Weekly Undated Sunday Start in Elite Black. This sample digital planner has all of the essential Passion Planner layouts to jumpstart your digital journey. It includes a sample Sunday start layout with one Passion Roadmap, monthly spread, monthly reflection, and two weekly spreads, PLUS one bonus Hearto Sticker Sheet for the full digital planning experience.
Launched New Accessories! 

Welcomed Our Newest #PashAmbassadors!

GIF of Passion Planner Ambassadors with their planners

This June we welcomed new Ambassadors to our program! We currently have ambassadors from all corners of the world, including Austria, Japan, Australia, England, the U.S., Philippines, Barbados, Brazil, British Columbia, Germany, just to name a few! Follow them on social at #PashAmbassadors.

Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Join our waitlist to be contacted when more spots are opened! 

Held our first in person partnership in 2 years by celebrating and sponsoring San Diego Pride!

Photos of Passion Planner at San Diego Pride 2022

Our team missed connecting with the #PashFam in-person, and for the first time since 2020, our team was able to table again at San Diego Pride 2022! This year we were hosted by the San Diego Queer APIMEDA (Asian Pacific Islander Middle Eastern Desi American) Coalition. This coalition is helping to build capacity and leaders within the LGBTQ+ APIMEDA community to promote connectivity, combat stereotypes and racism, and mobilize civic and economic power. 

Geminelle, Marissa, and Chels from our Community Relations Team along with some local volunteers passed out over 800 Passion Planner Dailies to those celebrating at SD Pride! 

Held our Passion Planner Team Retreat 2022 at Disneyland! 

Passion Planner team photo at Disneyland's California Adventure

Retreat week is something our team looks forward to every year and this was the first time since 2019 that we were able to have over 90% of our team together for some in-person team bonding! From affirming team building activities, company reflections, competitive minute-to-win-it games, and venturing all the way to Disneyland’s California Adventure, this was a team retreat for the books. 

Launched our Bulk Sales Program offering huge discounts to nonprofits, businesses and retailers alike! 

Our wholesale, special and bulk order options are now more streamlined than ever! Bulk orders are available now with special pricing. The minimum order amount is $500 USD (10-12 planners), which is automatically discounted at 35% to $350 USD at checkout. From there, the discount goes up the more that’s purchased!
Wholesale orders are good for:

  • 📓 Teachers, professors, counselors, or academic leaders looking for tools to empower their students
  • 📓 Retailers wanting to carry Passion Planner in their store
  • 📓 Community leaders looking for planners to inspire their group or event
  • 📓 Businesses looking for tools to support their team (*may qualify as office supplies for business owners!)
  • 📓 Anyone looking for a unique prize/goodie bag item for events or retreats

Things to Look Forward to In the Rest of 2022!

New 2023 annual planners on the way!

  • Our new 2023 Passion Planners launch is just DAYS away on August 25th! We can’t wait to share the new cover options for the year ahead and start taking the first steps toward new goals and dreams. 
  • Sign up for our waitlist here, so you can be the first to know when the new planners launch and ensure you get the exact planner you want before it sells out! 
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE: We’ve Updated Our Large Planner Sizes - Now more shippable than ever!
    • In an effort to offer a shipping option that is both cheaper and faster for customers ordering Large Planners, we have resized our Large Planners. 
    • From our 2023 Annual launch and on our New Large Planners are **slightly** smaller than before (Old 8.3” x 11.7” → New 7.8” x 11”) in order to fit inside USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail envelopes, like all of our other products. This slight change allows us to offer $4.99 flat rate shipping for all domestic orders, saving customers ordering a Large ~$6 per order on average!Passion Planner sizes small, medium, and large
    • Want to test out the new size ASAP? Checkout our updated Handwriting Test PDF to get a feel for the new Large size.
    • Our 9th Birthday! 
      • Passion Planner turns nine this year! We can’t wait to celebrate this year with some giveaways and a few new planner accessories, including one BRAND NEW product to help you really make your mark in 2023. ;)  

    That’s all folks, thanks for reading!! 

    Wishing you a very productive and restful year,

    Angel and The Passion Planner Team 

    Passion Planner team photo GIF

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