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Letter to the PashFam: April 2023 Company Update

Letter to the PashFam: April 2023 Company Update

Hi #PashFam!

Angel here! We are now more than 3 months into the year and Passion Planner is finally getting into a good groove after the past two years of unpredictability with the on and off chaos of COVID and its chain reactions. *Collectively breathes a sigh of relief and gratitude*. For me, the start of 2023 has felt like the first 5 minutes after a hard workout. The first minute I am catching my breath and getting my bearings. And the minutes following, colors seem brighter, the air feels crisper and small things like a sip of water feels divine. Anyone else feel that way?

When Passion Planner went from selling 4 planners a day 4,000 planners overnight in 2014, it felt like repairing a car while moving. Things shifting and changing, outside entities out of your control swerving into your lane. Having to adjust things on the move. You generally know where you’re heading, but every so often must check if you’re on track. And then there’s luck and it’s paternal twin, bad luck. One minute you feel like you’re coasting downhill hand cutting waves through the wind, and the next you have a nail in your tire. It’s all a part of it! 

As a company, and even larger as a community, there are many parts working together to create progress toward our collective goal. Our destination is a world where everyone has access to have the tools to live a fulfilling life. This is why we show up every day. I am proud of what we’ve built and how far we’ve come together. This year we celebrate ten years of Passion Planner. Ten years of Passion Road Maps filled out, Game Changer Goals reached, reflections filled with memories..  and just like the Honda Civic my dad had for what feels like forever, we’re still kickin! 

Thank you for being here and thank you for being on this journey with us. 

What We’ve Been Up To!

Within the Company Passion Planner team photo

    • Started recovering and closing up our busiest time of the year! 
    • Took 230 days off as a team collectively through paid holidays, rest days, vacation days, and Passion Weeks. Go rest! 
    • We started our plan to roll out a 4 day work week in 2024 by first making every other Friday a half day for full time team members.
    • Gave a minimum 3% raise to our entire team! 
    • Each team met with the Executive Team to define the vision and goals for the year, ensuring we are all in alignment.
    • Celebrated 2022 with our annual Team Banquet! 
    • Rolled out some new branding (new fonts, colors, graphic elements to freshen up the vibe!) that we have been working on for almost a year! 
    • Prepared for and completed our April launch – one of our biggest launches to date! 

In the Community

Three PashFam holding planners

Thanks for reading, see ya next quarter! 


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