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25 Goals the #PashFam Has Achieved with Passion Planner

25 Goals the #PashFam Has Achieved with Passion Planner

Before we get too wrapped up in New Year’s resolutions, we wanted to take the time to celebrate the many accomplishments that the #PashFam has achieved with Passion Planner! Here are some of our favorites that you’ve shared with us over the years!


      1. “One year ago, I embarked on an adventure to write in my journal everyday - and today marked the one-year anniversary of having done just that. I’ve learned so much about myself, my emotions, and what truly makes me, 'me' through this process of reflection.” - Mike W.
      2. "Self-published my craft book, thus completing my main goal of 2019 and fulfilling a lifelong goal of becoming a published author" - Cori L.
      3. “Less than a year ago I was confused as to where my life was headed. I told myself, 'a year from now I will be doing something different,' and started thinking about what that could look like. I started mapping out my goals, my weeks, my days and every task in between. My 'year from now goal' was to go to a premier art school to get my MFA. And I’m thrilled to say in August I’m moving to Chicago to attend the School of the Art Institute to do just that.” - Nicole H.
      4. "Achieved my goal of going to 48 countries in 48 months. Now I'm ready to move onto not counting countries so much anymore" - Andi
      5. "Passion Planner has helped me get my life back together again and organized. I live in South Louisiana and lost everything from the big flood last year. Everything was a mess. I love Passion Planner. It got me through a very hard time in my family and in life.” - Becky H.
      6. "I looked back and can't believe how much I accomplished! The biggest one: I got an awesome job that I absolutely love!" - Dorothy L.
      7. "I launched my art website and invested in my art career. Planned and started building my studio as part of my patio remodel, and started painting actual paintings not just sketchbook sketches and started working bigger." - Sean-Michael G.
      8. "Got to work with amazing clients, spend a month in Bali, and focus on revising my personal mission statement. I can't wait to carry that growth into 2020!" - Alec F.
      9. "My planner helped me plan to buy a house and start my own business! We settle in January AND plan to open in Spring 2020!" - Salina A.
      10. “I’ve used a Passion Planner for my final project in my creative writing class. I turned in the planner which detailed the thought process and inspiration and research for my poetry throughout the year.” - Hinnah M.
      11. “More consistent exercising! And more reflection.” - Emily L. 
      12. “I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail!” - Jazmin O.
      13. “Run a marathon! From couch to 42K!” - Alexandra W.
      14. “Last year I used the Passion Planner Road Map to set a plan for how I would be hired by Disney. It’s been a dream of mine to perform for them since 2015. Using the roadmap helped me narrow down my true passions and goals, and set deadlines for each. Next month, I begin a contract as a performer with Disney.” - Shani H.
      15. “I’m going to Taiwan this February for my research!” - Shea G.
      16. “Completed my Master’s Degree.” - Victoria C.
      17. “I got my planner this week and so far I’ve already seen a difference. I read two books, wrote 3 poems and increased water intake.” - Carolina N.
      18. “The Passion Planner I had last year helped me organize my thoughts to do a career switch!” - Ashley F.
      19. “During my burnout it helped me get focused on getting healthier.” - Susan H.
      20. “I used my planner to help me pass my EMT class and get nationally certified.” - Ryan P.
      21. “Last year I applied for this program and you were kind enough to send me an Academic Passion Planner, which I loved! After using it for a few months to organize my study I was able to win a prize for best student and I will be spending a week in an internship in New York as a reward! So I have you to thank for changing my life for the better.” - Catarina D.
      22. “I first starting using a Passion Planner right after starting my own custom sewing business in September 2016. Thanks to the incredible way it has helped me keep focus, I'm staying on track with the necessary steps to build a potentially successful business.” - Gina O.
      23. “The planner has helped me organise myself to put my website together for my pattern design work and now I'm using it to help me schedule reaching out to potential collaborators and clients while also doing more of my design and art work.” - Georgina V.
      24. “Beyond keeping a busy teacher organized, it has helped me love my job even more. It's hard being a high school teacher, but seeing how Passion Planner has contributed to my students absolutely made my year.” - Hanah L.
      25. “The biggest impact the Passion Planner has had in my life has been helping me recognize my accomplishments in just 3 months. I tend to rush through life, I'm pretty hard on myself and rarely do I stop and appreciate all the work I have done. This changed with my Passion Planner, since I began reflecting on all my work every month I have begun to realize that I am quite creative and productive.” - Marlene L.


      What have you accomplished with your Passion Planner? Let us know in the comments!

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