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Due to the global pandemic, we are experiencing longer processing times than usual. Thank you for your patience and support!
Due to the global pandemic, we are experiencing longer processing times than usual. Thank you for your patience and support!

Ambassadors FAQS

What is a Passion Planner Ambassador?

Ambassadors are passionate individuals who go above and beyond to cultivate communities through Passion Planner, embody the values of our mission and vision, and share their love for our brand all while earning awesome rewards and having access to exclusive Ambassador perks.

How many Passion Planner Brand Ambassadors are you accepting?

We are currently accepting 500 Passion Planner Ambassadors.

How are Passion Planner Ambassadors different from #PashReps?

Passion Planner Ambassadors will have access to more resources than ever before with a dedicated community of support from our team and #PashFam around the world. With this new program, you’ll earn commission on each and every sale, plus you’ll have an opportunity to participate in exclusive contests, giveaways and activities. We hope you love this new program!

Are ambassador cycles yearly, bi-yearly, or quarterly?

Passion Planner Ambassadors will have yearly cycles. Applications will open once a year, and accepted applicants will serve for that full year. Current and new Ambassadors will have the opportunity to reapply the following year.

Can I apply if I don't own a Passion Planner?

We feel that anyone should be able to use Passion Planner regardless of their financial ability. That’s why from day one, we have offered the PDF for anyone to use. It is vital to our program that our Ambassadors have an authentic experience with our brand, so no matter which version of the planner you use, you can apply to our Ambassador program. As an Ambassador, you will receive 30% off your first purchase. If it’s within your financial ability, we encourage you to utilize this discount to purchase your very own Passion Planner!

What is the deadline to apply?

Applications close 7/31 5:00 PM PDT

When will applicants be notified?

All applicants will be notified via email August 10, 2020.

What are the requirements?

  • Must love Passion Planner!
  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Must be willing to commit to at least 6 activities a year
  • Must have a public social media account
  • Must have a Paypal account. To get started, head to to create your account.
What are the perks to joining?

  • Part of a tight-knit #PashFam community Connect with likeminded #PashReps and create friendships that will last a lifetime 30% OFF VIP Passion Planner Ambassador and Friends and Family discount Participate in exclusive contests and giveaways Test new products before they’re released to the public Earn 10% commission on sales Experience to add to your resume Grow your social media following Optional #PashFam Meetups across the country Added to the @passionplanner ‘close friends’ list for exclusive Ambassador story content
One of my followers forgot to use my referral code. Can I still get commission on that order?

No, if customer orders are submitted without using your Ambassador referral code, these orders will not be credited to your account and cannot be added retroactively.

How are referrals tracked?

Referral orders will be tracked through your referral link or referral discount code.

How do I track my sales and commission?

Super easy! Log into your BrandChamp portal. This will allow you to track your sales and the commission you earn.

Will Ambassadors receive commission or just rewards points?

Both! Earn 10% commission on each and every sale and earn reward points for completing activities. Easily track sales, commission, activities, points and rewards through our Ambassador portal, BrandChamp.

Is there a limit to how much commission we can receive as a Passion Planner Ambassador?

Passion Planner Ambassadors can earn up to $600 in a calendar year.

What if I want to use my commission to purchase Passion Planners to give away?

This is a great question! Technically, this is possible once you get paid out. From that point, you may purchase planners on our website with that commission.

Will you still be using Paypal for payouts?


I have questions about the program, who can I contact?

Feel free to send us an email at