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Free shipping on domestic orders $50+ USD!

Water Tracker


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  1. Proceed through checkout and find your download link in the order confirmation page and e-mail.
  2. Download the PDF and print full size at 100%.
  3. Cut the water trackers along the dotted lines so it will fit into your planner.
  4. Tape the insert into the Space of Infinite Possibility.
  5. Version 1: Simply cross out or fill in the water droplets throughout the day to keep track of how much water you drank. How much water each droplet represents is up to you!
  6. Version 2: Set a target total number of ounces you would like to drink each day. Divide that into half and then in fourths. Fill in the water droplet as you drink your ounces throughout the day!
  7. Tip: Make each droplet worth a specific amount of ounces or milliliters!