Passion Planner vs. Passion Planner Daily: What’s the Difference?

Passion Planner vs. Passion Planner Daily: What’s the Difference?

We just debuted the all-new Passion Planner Daily, our newest endeavor to bring intentional living to the masses. Designed for every type of every day, the Daily was built to align your days with your dreams.

Before being hired at Passion Planner, I was a huge #PashFangirl, so being able to get my hands on the Daily before it released was an absolute dream. I’m here to answer your biggest question:

“What is Passion Planner Daily and how is it different from Passion Planner?”


Passion Planner Daily

Passion Planner Daily harkens to many of the signature features of the original Passion Planner, now with new additions to make every day count.

In the Daily, we want to make sure that you're not only taking care of business, but taking care of yourself too. That's why we have even more reflection prompts for you to check-in with yourself, assessing the emotional and psychological quality of your day. There are 93 dotted pages for each day to ensure that everybody has room to express themselves, whether through writing, drawing, photographs, or your personal art form. We get even more specific on our Kickstarter page about the Passion Planner Daily and its features. 

Now that we have overviewed the general anatomy of the Passion Planner Daily, we can jump into specifics about how it differs from Passion Planner.


Passion Planner Sizes

The Passion Planner is available in three sizes: Small (5.8"x8.3"), Medium (6.9”x9.8”), and Large (8.3”x11.7”). (You can always test which size works for you with our free Handwriting Test PDF.) Passion Planner Daily currently is only available in Small, making it identical in size to a Small Passion Planner. The word “Daily” is debossed on the spine of all Passion Planner Dailies, the distinguishing difference between the two.


Passion Planner Limited Edition Colors

Undated Aqua Blue

Undated Aqua Blue

Proceeds to Charity Water

Academic Bold Brown

Academic Bold Brown (August 2019 - July 2020)

Proceeds to Wounded Warrior Project

Academic Digital Blue

Academic Digital Blue (August 2019 - July 2020)

Proceeds to Girls Who Code

Dated 2020 Brilliant Blush

2020 Brilliant Blush

Dated 2020 Brilliant Blush (January 2020 - December 2020)

Proceeds to Malala Fund

2020 Dated Forest Green

Dated 2020 Forest Green (January 2020 - December 2020)

Proceeds to American Forests

2020 Dated Mighty Yellow

Dated 2020 Mighty Yellow (January 2020 - December 2020)

Proceeds to Pencils of Promise

Passion Planner Limited Edition Daily Colors

Brilliant Blossom Set

Brilliant Blossom Set (Undated)

Tranquil Tones Set

Tranquil Tones Set (Undated)

Elite Black Set

Elite Black Set (Undated)

Our Signature Elite Black

Elite Black

Available in Undated, Academic, Dated, and Daily

Whether considering the Passion Planner or the Passion Planner Daily, there are a variety of factors to take into account. Passion Planners are available with Undated, Academic (August - July), or Dated (January - December) calendars. Passion Planner Dailies are Undated to benefit structured and flexible planners alike. 

There are also many Limited Edition colors to choose from. For every Limited Edition Passion Planner sold, we donate $1 to one of our nonprofit partners. Limited Editions are unique to each release, meaning that the cover design and color will only be available for that year. Our classic Elite Black is available no matter which Passion Planner you choose.

Individual Passion Planner Dailies are available in Elite Black, in addition to three Limited Edition color sets: Elite Black, Brilliant Blossom, and Tranquil Tones. (Limited Edition Passion Planner Dailies will be exclusively available in sets on Kickstarter.) Because this is an all-new product, we want to test its viability in one size and color before expanding its variety. As Passion Planner Daily grows, we can begin to explore partnerships to release future Limited Editions.


Passion Planner Roadmap and GameChanger

Passion Planner Roadmap and GameChanger

Passion Planner Daily Roadmap and GameChanger

Passion Planner Daily Roadmap and GameChanger

The signature Passion Roadmap is the same across all Passion Planners, including the Daily. All members of the #PashFam begin their planner on the same foot: breaking down goals into 3 Month, 1 Year, 3 Years, and Lifetime.

On the other hand, drilling down your GameChanger goals differs between the original and the Daily. For OG #PashFam, you take the goal that is going to make the most positive impact on your life right now, and mindmap actionable steps and deadlines to achieve it.

The Daily takes it several steps further. In addition to defining your “why” and visualizing achieving your GameChanger, you are also prompted to identify resources and support to help you along the way.


Passion Planner Monthly Layout

Passion Planner Monthly Layout

Passion Planner Daily Annual Layout

Passion Planner Daily Annual Layout

With the original Passion Planner, you are able to see your month at a glance. There are areas for This Month’s Focus, People To See, Places to Go, Personal and Work Projects, and a GameChanger mindmap. There are plenty of opportunities to hone in on the details!

The Passion Planner Daily has an annual calendar, giving you a snapshot of the entire year. You get an abbreviated look at your month, now with an expanded, linear view that allows a side-by-side peek of the previous and following months. Fill in the blanks with anything you like, from appointments to vacations, birthdays, and anniversaries. The layout is minimal but comprehensive, giving you the freedom to make it as specific or as unstructured as you’d like.


Passion Planner Weekly Layout

Passion Planner Weekly Layout

Passion Planner Daily Layout

Passion Planner Daily Layout

There are a number of distinct differences between the original Passion Planner and the Daily, but perhaps none more significant as the weekly and daily layout.

The Passion Planner and Daily layouts offer both action and reflection items, including Today’s Focus and Personal and Work To-Do Lists. Passion Planner’s Weekly schedule has seven days worth of planning with the option of beginning on Sunday or Monday. Undated Passion Planners are also available if you require a bit more flexibility.

The anatomy of the Daily layout is the perfect balance between structure and freedom. New fill-in-the-blank additions like Free Space to Grow, Self-Maintenance, and a Mood Tracker ensure that you are committing to caring for yourself while pursuing your goals. An entire page is devoted to the Space of Infinite Possibility, which means lots of room to brainstorm, journal, and draw however you please.


Monthly Reflection

Passion Planner Monthly Reflection

Passion Planner Daily Self Check-In

Passion Planner Daily Self Check-In

One of the defining qualities of Passion Planner is the Monthly Reflections. Checking in with yourself regularly ensures that you are celebrating the small wins, reminiscing on memories made, and looking for ways to improve for the next month.

Original Passion Planners have a series of seven questions to reflect on your month. Answers are in lined form, structured for written insights but can certainly be used for drawings and photographs.

The Passion Planner Daily keeps it simple with a four question Self Check-In. The answer box is dotted, making it conducive for any type of creative expression: lists, long-form writing, doodles, you name it. The reflection questions are followed by another GameChanger page, so you can strategize your focus for the upcoming month.

Passion Planner, Passion Planner Daily, or Both?

I usually find the #PashFam in two camps when it comes to figuring out which planner is right for them. Folks who value structure and require increased accountability are often comfortable with an Academic or Dated Passion Planner, while people searching for more flexibility but still seeking to stay organized may enjoy the Undated Passion Planner or the Passion Planner Daily.

If you’re like me, you may enjoy owning both a Passion Planner and a Passion Planner Daily. The Daily is extremely versatile in its use, so instead of seeing as managing two planners, I see it as owning one planner, and one specialized journal.

 Passion Planner Daily Layouts

That said, I am only one member of the #PPDaily family. There are so many different ways to use the Passion Planner Daily: as a daily scheduler, a wedding planner, a health tracker, and even more. It can be useful for detailed everyday scheduling or looking at your year holistically. Whether for special short-term endeavors or bigger aspirations, the possibilities are truly endless.

Still unsure about which option is right for you? Try before you buy with our free Passion Planner and Passion Planner Daily downloads!

There may be a lot of nuanced differences and similarities between all of the Passion Planners, but one thing’s for sure: you know you’ll be living intentionally, no matter which planner you choose.

Pledge for a Passion Planner Daily here! 

Paula Votendahl is a Content Marketing Specialist with Passion Planner. In her free time she enjoys Passion Planning, eating Hot Cheetos, and watching British period dramas.