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30 Gifts for People Who Work From Home: Christmas Presents for the Pajama Professional

30 Gifts for People Who Work From Home: Christmas Presents for the Pajama Professional

Now more than ever, your loved ones are working from home. Remote employees know that their office space is essential to their career success. Whether you’re struggling to look for gifts, or need fresh ideas, Passion Planner is here to help you make your gift-giving a little easier for the remote workers in your life. Level up their space with unique office gifts for coworkers, friends and family.

Here are 30 home office gift ideas from practical gadgets to aesthetic workspace upgrades. 

1. Heated Mouse Pad, $20

Image via Urban Outfitters

Warm their hearts and their hands with this heated mouse pad. Trust me, they’re gonna need it this winter. 

2. Mini Diffuser, $18

Mini Diffuser from Etsy

Image via Etsy

Essential oils relieve stress and make a home office smell amazing. This mini cactus diffuser is an adorable addition to any workspace. 

3. Mug Heater, $13

Flower Mug Heater from Urban Outfitters

Image via Urban Outfitters

But first, coffee. This mug heater will keep their morning coffee hot so they can go back to writing that finance report without interruption. 

4. Bluetooth Keyboard, $40

White Bluetooth Keyboard from Best Buy

Image via Best Buy

Whether you use a laptop, desktop computer, or iPad, an external keyboard is a great device to have on hand when you work from home. Plus, this bluetooth keyboard can connect to any computer or tablet brand.

5. Laptop Stand, $27

Laptop Stand from Amazon

Image via Amazon

Typing directly on your laptop keyboard isn’t for everyone. This laptop stand is great for remote workers who prefer a desktop-style workflow with an external keyboard and mouse.

6. Passion Planner, $40.99-54.99

Elite Black Passion Planner Image via Passion Planner

Staying organized and keeping yourself accountable can be hard when the only person in the office is you. A reliable planner is a great way to track projects, meetings, and important deadlines. The Passion Planner is designed to make your passions and desires easy to achieve. With 52 weeks of self-awareness at your fingertips, you have the power to change your life one day at a time.

7. Potted Plants, $10-50

Potted Plant from the Sill

Image via The Sill

Plants add spice to a workspace like no other. From Succulents to Monsteras, this website has every plant you can imagine. The best part is, they will ship it right to your door.

8. Desk Chair Seat Cushion, $30

Desk Chair Seat Cushion

Image via Amazon

Not all desk chairs are made equal. A comfortable seat cushion can help improve posture and reduce back pain. 

9. Adjustable Display Shelves, $26

Adjustable Bookshelf from Amazon

Image via Amazon

Desk supplies like books, plants, and pens can pile up. These display shelves are adjustable and allow you to shift them based on your desk needs. 

10. Passion Planner Adulting, Work and Everyday Life Sticker Book, $24.99

Adulting, work, and everyday life sticker book

Image via Passion Planner

Slightly serious and super relatable, this Adulting, Work, and Everyday Life Sticker Book will help anyone get over hump day. Whether you work from home or are in the office, these stickers are designed to help you smile and celebrate through whatever work or life throws at you!

11. Mini Desk Vacuum, $13

Mini Desk Vacuum

Image via Amazon

Desk clutter like dust, pencil shavings, or crumbs are common daily messes. This mini desk vacuum is a quick and easy way to tidy-up and keep your workspace clean.

12. Exercise Desk Bike, $350

Desk Bike from Amazon

Image via Amazon

This is probably one of the best office gifts you can get for someone who sits in front of a computer all day. This exercise desk bike has adjustable settings for resistance, performance tracking, and comes with wheels for easy storage and maneuvering. 

13. Foot Hammock, $12

Foot Hammock from Amazon

Image via Amazon

Your legs need to relax too! This foot hammock is a perfect gift for workaholics who like to chill while they work.

14. Mini Photo Printer, $90

Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer

Image via Target

What’s an office without photos? Give the pajama professionals in your life something they can use forever. This mini photo printer is one of the only home office gifts that can be used in multiple ways like scrapbooking, memory planning, and collaging. 

15. Keyboard Cleaning Gel, $8

Keyboard Cleaner via Amazon

Image via Amazon

As someone who works from home, my laptop goes with me everywhere. Unfortunately, this means that small things like crumbs, dog hair, and dust get under my laptop keys. Keyboard cleaning gel is a life-saver for remote workers and their technological devices.

16. Passion Highlighters, $19.99

12-pack Passion Highlighters Image via Passion Planner

Work life balance. Grocery lists. Family birthdays. How can we keep track of it all? Color coding with Passion Highlighters will allow you to visually see your priorities and circle important dates. Whether you’re a minimalist or a memory planner, organizing tasks and scheduling breaks are easier than ever with Passion Highlighters. With a double-sided design of a highlighter and fineliner, anyone can color code like a pro.

17. Webcam Cover, $5

Webcam Cover

Image via Etsy

Zoom fatigue is real. When you work from home, you don’t always have control of the environment around you. A webcam cover will allow you to quickly hide your camera during important moments of privacy or emergency. It is also a great way to stay safe from webcam hacking.

18. Mini Pac-Man Game, $18

Pac-Man Mini Arcade Game

Image via Target

Nostalgia is a common go-to theme for Christmas presents. This mini Pac-Man Game will make your remote working friends’ break times that much better. 

19. Wireless Scanning Pen, $118

Wireless Scanning Pen

Image via The Grommet

Typing information from a printed document onto a computer can be extremely time consuming. A wireless scanning pen will connect to your computer, scan your document, and instantly transfer it to your document. 

20. Spotify Premium, $10/month

Spotify Premium Graphic Image via Spotify

Listening to music while you work is a must for many remote employees. A Spotify Premium account will give your loved ones unlimited music with no ads and the ability to download songs for offline listening. 

Looking for inspirational podcasts, seasonal playlists, and feel-good songs? Follow our Spotify account for music you’ll love!

21. Save It! Finance & Budgeting Sticker Book, $20

Save It! Finance and Budget Sticker Book by Passion Planner Image via Passion Planner

Saving for something big or want to organize your finances? This Finance & Budgeting Sticker book has stickers that will motivate you to save and track your budget. With over 570 stickers to choose from, you can pay down your debt with style.

22. Google Home Mini, $39

Google Home Mini

Image via Google Store

Work from home gifts are all about making a remote worker’s life easier. A smart speaker like the Google Home Mini will help your loved one stay organized and informed. You can schedule reminders, set alarms, and play music throughout the day.

23. Phone Mount, $16

Phone Mount

Image via Urban Outfitters

A phone is like a second computer for many people working remotely. A phone mount is great for keeping your phone secure and easily accessible for phone calls, messages, or occasional Youtube rabbit holes.

24. Wireless Charging Pad, $20

Wireless Charging Pad

Image via Amazon

Numerous wires and chargers can get messy in a home office. A wireless charging station is a great solution for minimizing wires and let’s be real, it’s much cuter.

25. Lap Desk with Mouse Pad, $35

Lap Desk with Mouse Pad

Image via Amazon

Every WFH employee knows that you need a change of scenery every now and again. A Lap Desk is the best solution for working and relaxing. This one comes with a mouse pad, which is perfect for people who hate their trackpad. 

26. Posture Corrector, $13

 Posture Corrector

Image via Etsy

POV: You’re slouching right now. Working from home can have massive strain on your back and posture. This posture corrector will rescue you from bad posture and improve your focus while working at your desk!

27. Work From Home Survival Kit, $20 

Work From Home Survival Kit

Image via Uncommon Goods

Gifts for someone who works from home can be hard to choose for multiple people with varying careers. This Work From Home Survival Kit contains nine items that are fun and functional like ear plugs and a desk yoga guide.

28. Standing Desk Converter, $120

Standing Desk Converter

Image via Flexispot

Standing desks have been all the rave since quarantine. However, not everyone can afford a brand new desk or want to replace their current one. This standing desk converter is designed to sit on top of your desk, allowing you to stand or sit whenever you want.

29. Blue Light Blocking Glasses, $17

 Bluelight Blocking Glasses

Image via Amazon

If you or a loved one don’t have these already, you need to get one. Blue Light Blocking Glasses save your eyes from harmful blue light that causes eye-strain and headaches. If you already wear glasses, try adding a blue light filter to your prescription for your next pair!

30. HyperChiller, $25


Image via Amazon

We all know someone who strictly drinks iced coffee whether it’s cold or hot outside. The HyperChiller is designed to make hot beverages cold without diluting it with water from ice.

We hope this list will inspire you to give the gift of functionality and fun for the pajama professional in your life! Happy Holidays, #PashFam!

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Joni Cobarrubias is a social media guru by day and a portrait photographer by night. In her spare time, you can find her online shopping or reading conspiracy theories and spoilers on this season of the Bachelorette.
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