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Putting the “Fun” in Functional: 11 Ways to Use Planner Stickers

Putting the “Fun” in Functional: 11 Ways to Use Planner Stickers

When it comes to paper planning, there are dozens of ways to spice up your planner beyond just the typical pen or pencil. One of the most popular and easiest ways to customize your planner or journal is through the use of stickers. Perhaps you collected stickers as a child and haven’t given them much thought as an adult, but you’d be surprised just how therapeutic and helpful stickers can be for your overall planning practice.

The Magic of Using Stickers in Your Planner:

  • Create space for your inner child
  • Find joy in being creative without the pressure of creating something from scratch
  • Prioritize and callout what is important 
  • Affirm yourself with encouraging quotes
  • Celebrate your journey in real time by making note of your daily wins
  • Set inspiring reminders for your future self

With the limitless possibilities of stickers, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones for you and to find the designs that speak to you and support you. For instance, did you know Passion Planner has over 20 different sticker books, each with 30 pages and over 500 stickers? While it can be great to have choices, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

Stick to Your Journey: 11 Different Ways to Use Planner Stickers

Let’s break down 11 different ways you can use stickers to stick with your planning journey. 

1. Define Your Own Version of Success

Filled out Passion Planner Roadmap with custom categoriesAt the beginning of every Passion Planner is a roadmap where you set your goals and define what’s important to you. Use the New Year New Goals Sticker Book to decorate this page with encouraging words and remind yourself to revisit your dreams. If you find the timelines suggested in the roadmap too broad or too limiting, you can also use stickers to cover these up and define your own categories. 

2. Flag Important Due Dates

Daily planner layout using the Ready, Set, Grow Sticker Book to flag important dates

While writing notable items down is important, using a sticker to call attention to it is even better. In the Ready Set Grow Sticker Book you will find all sorts of functional stickers including flags, icons, and banners. If you’re not exactly sure what kind of planning style you want to have, this sticker book can be a great first purchase to start your sticker journey and start to define what really matters. 

3. Create a Cohesive Theme in Your Planner 

Digital weekly planner with Decorate Your Planner Stickers with a consistent theme

While picking and choosing stickers to create a planner layout can be fun, it can also be daunting and time consuming. If you want an easy way to decorate your planner layout without the hassle of mixing and matching, each page in Decorate Your Planner Sticker Book has a unique theme and color palette that includes colorful illustrations, icons, notes and washi. These themes allow you the flexibility to decorate your planner with ease so no two planner layouts are exactly alike.

4. Keep Your Finances on Track

Weekly planner layout with finance stickers to track savings, spending, and bills

Money on your mind? Prioritize your finance journey by tracking your budget, expenses, and bills with the use of functional and encouraging stickers, like those found in the SAVE IT! Finance & Budgeting Sticker Book. If you want even more ideas, check out our video all about the different ways you can budget with your Passion Planner

5. Track the Habits that Matter 

Digital daily planner layout with functional habit tracking sticker you can write on

Habit trackers are a popular way to track tasks you want to remember to do (or things you want to limit). For instance, if you have a daily goal of walking 10,000 steps, you can use a habit or step tracker, like those found in the Functional Trackers Sticker Book, to embrace progress over perfection everyday.

6. Hide Mistakes or Changed Plans

Passion Planner Weekly layout using the Everything Cute Sticker BookPlans change. Mistakes happen! Stickers are a perfect way to seamlessly hide any schedule updates or mistakes. While any sticker book could work for this purpose, the Everything Cute Sticker Book features cuddly animals, pastel hues, and other kawaii stickers that feel like a satisfying addition to any changed plan or typo. 

7. Decorate Your Day with Encouraging Affirmations and Gratitude

Digital daily planner layout with gratitude and affirmation sticker books

Let your planner inspire you and remind you of what’s important. The Gratitude and Affirmations Sticker Book allows you to embrace the good things that happened with uplifting phrases, illustrations, and trackers. Leave yourself affirmations and make note of all the things that help you cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

8. Practice Self-Care

Half a weekly planner layout with self care stickers

Engaging in self-care can improve your mental health, increase productivity, and prevent burnout. Self-care looks different to everyone, but some ideas include meditating, taking a walk outside, journaling, or spending time learning something new that is important to you. The Self-Care Sticker Book is perfect for putting yourself first, celebrating the small wins, and honoring the space you need to rest and recharge.

9. Redate Your Planner

Monthly planner layout with customized dates using Calendar Date Stickers

Maybe you bought an Undated Passion Planner, or you have an outdated Passion Planner lying around that you never got to use (we don’t judge!). Either way, our Calendar Date Stickers are a perfect way to add new dates to an existing planner. Choose a variety of different color options, or keep it neutral for a more minimal look. You can even use these stickers in a bullet journal to make a custom calendar or weekly layout.

10. Find Joy in the Journey

Weekly planner layout with travel themed stickers

Whether you’re planning for an upcoming trip or reflecting on your past one, your planner can be your companion in finding joy in the journey. Use stickers to maximize your vacation time and create a space to cherish the memories along the way. You can even print out photos to keep in your planner as well for memory keeping! 

11. Destress and Connect with your Inner Child

Passion Planner Daily layout using the Let's Color! Stickers

Coloring is a relaxing hobby that’s embraced by all ages. If you’re looking to add a little more play and creativity to your life, we recommend the Let’s Color! Sticker Book. Show your true colors by using your favorite pens, pencils, or Passion Highlighters to color in endless designs and wholesome illustrations to celebrate your inner child.

There are infinite ways to use stickers to support your goals and dreams, all while adding more fun to your planning experience. No matter what sticker books or stickers you choose, remember to embrace the uniqueness of your creative process and let your planner be a space for what really matters. 

Author Bio:

Rachel is a decorative planning fan who lives in the Vegas area. She also loves tea, walking, music trivia, and cruises. You can find her on Instagram at @motivatedbystickers and YouTube at MotivatedByStickers. If you’re a fan of the Passion Planner Small, you can also join her Facebook community.

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