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10 Reasons to Start Using a Digital Planner

10 Reasons to Start Using a Digital Planner

Are you spending time copying down your digital calendar into your paper planner every week? Are you losing track of appointments because they are stored across multiple places? Or maybe you’re just unsure of what the difference between a digital planner and a paper planner even is. If any of these sound like you, here are ten reasons to consider trying out a digital planner.

1. Flexible planning at your fingertips.GIF of selecting text on a digital planner and moving it to a different part of the planner

Have you ever had to cross out changed plans or cover up your mistakes? With a digital planner, you can simply move or delete them from your layout. This is especially helpful when you need to quickly shuffle tasks on your to-do list to the next week (or even month). For those times when you have a bit too much on your plate, the flexibility of digital planning can help you to pace yourself. Copy tasks from one week to the next to plan out your projects when they become a bit more long-term than you were planning. Using a digital planner allows you to adjust and edit your plans with ease — no sticky whiteout or correction tape needed.

2. Customize your planner layouts. Tapping parts of a digital planner to update and customize titles and sections

Maybe parts of your existing planner layout just don’t feel like your own. The digital planner gives you permission to let go of what is not working for you by easily erasing part of your planner layout. Use the lasso tool to capture a blank part of the page, then paste it over existing text headlines to relabel your sections. Maybe having a daily focus isn’t quite the vibe, and you’d rather set a daily intention instead. You could also dedicate space in your planner to writing a daily affirmation or a gratitude list. However you use it, the Passion Planner Digital helps you easily customize your layout to get back to crushing your goals.

3. Save time.GIF showing how to copy a schedule on a digital planner and paste it into different weeks

Let’s face it: it can be time-consuming to rewrite your schedule day after day or week after week. This is especially true if you have regular commitments like classes or regular working hours at your job. Using a digital planner allows you to copy and paste set schedules every day, week, or month with just a few clicks. You can copy over just the calendar text, or include recurring tasks on your personal or work to-do lists as well, making sure you never forget those pesky once-a-month commitments. This planner hack is so easy that all you have to do week-to-week is add in all the extras, like that ice cream date with your best friend, or the yoga class you’re trying out on Thursday.

4. Declutter your space. GIF showing a cluttered desk being replaced by an ipad and digital planner

Digital planning keeps all of your tools centralized in one place. Not only does this lighten your load literally, as in less stuff to carry around with you, but it does the same thing environmentally, too. Using a digital planner is making a more sustainable choice for the environment by reducing the amount of paper products that are printed, as well as reducing emissions from production and shipping processes. The best part about using the Passion Planner Digital is that you never have to buy another physical planner again: you can keep reusing the digital version as long as you want or need.

5. Portable planning.GIF of packing up an ipad into a bag

Rather than carrying around a bag the right size to hold all your stuff, plus your planner, using a digital planner is infinitely more portable. After digitally downloading the planner pdf, all you need is a device compatible with the GoodNotes app or other PDF annotated apps like Noteshelf, Notability, or Xodo,  to start using it. This could be your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Never again will you fish around in a tote bag for your planner to write down an appointment — your planner is right at your fingertips. This is also handy for times when you want to pare down your belongings as much as possible, such as traveling. Instead of having to make space in your carry on for your planner and accessories, now it fits in the back pocket of your jeans.

6. Instantly add photos to your layouts — no more printing!GIF showing the split screen view on an ipad and dropping photos into a digital planner

Printing photos to paste in your planner is a fun and cute way to add personal style and capture memories of your week. But getting photos printed can be inconvenient and sometimes expensive. Using a digital planner allows you to add in your photo memories directly to your planner without having to print anything. Now you can store those memories to look back on forever without spending extra on photo printing services. Bonus idea: add in your favorite inspirational quotes or graphics by pasting in screenshots to add to your planner. Or, if you’re tackling career goals these days, add in screenshots or notes from your work life to keep it all in one place.

7. Create links to everything you need.GIF of a digital move library and being able to click the file to redirect to a link

This hack is one of our favorites for keeping your Passion Planner Digital organized. To create effortless organization, set up the hyperlinked index pages to easily navigate to your blank, dot, grid, and sticker pages. This comes in handy when you need to copy and paste things like recurring schedules or favorite stickers. Having an index also helps you to know where in your planner to find all of your information, and to quickly link to it with just a click. You can also add in hyperlinks to resources outside of your planner, like your school’s academic calendar or a webpage you visit often. If you’re trying to cement some new healthy habits, you might link to a daily workout calendar or a morning meditation channel on YouTube, that way the first thing you see when you open your planner is a reminder to take a moment for yourself.

8. Effortless planning – save time with custom schedule templates!GIF of a preset planner layout being easily pasted onto a digital planner spread

Because it is so easy to duplicate your favorite formats and features, using a digital planner can be totally effortless. Using the GoodNotes lasso function, you can copy and paste more than just your schedule, but an entire template for your week or month. For example, maybe you like to note one thing you’re grateful for at the top of every day. Instead of having to create a space seven different times in your weekly spread, creating a template lets you quickly and easily copy over the basic structure for your planner layout. Another idea would be to create space for a one-sentence journal in your Space of Infinite Possibilities. To try this one out, you just need enough room for seven lines of text, which you can create as a layout on a blank page.

 9. Print out schedules and layouts to share.GIF of printing out a pdf planner from an iPad to have a physical copy of a digital planner week

While one of the main benefits of using a digital planner is that it’s paperless, it can also be easily printed out if that’s more your jam. Creating your weekly schedule in a digital format gives you the flexibility to refine your calendar before you commit to a physical version to reference or share it with others. You might want to print out your weekly spreads to share an itinerary for a trip with your travel buddies, if you have a big event coming up, or if you’re staring down a busy week and use your planner to track your family’s schedules all in one place. A benefit of printing out your Passion Planner Digital pages is that you can neatly organize all of the week’s information in one place before you print it out.

10. Never run out of stickers again.GIF of using digital stickers in a digital planner

Perhaps the most important reason to switch to a digital planner — no more anxiety about running out of your favorite stickers! Many of us are uncertain about placing stickers in the right place in a weekly spread, but in the Passion Planner Digital, you can move them around and adjust worry-free. Go ahead, copy and paste your favorites as many times as you want. This is extremely helpful for your functional stickers, like a hydration tracker, where you might be reusing them week after week. You can even get creative and make a template that includes your favorite stickers to use over and over again, without any fear that you will run out or use them up before you’re done.

Whether you’re taking on the world this week, or need some time to just be, a digital planner is a great option for creating doable habits and keeping yourself organized. If you’re curious about trying the Passion Planner Digital, you can try it for FREE with our Weekly Undated Sample! Looking for more digital inspiration? Visit our unique Passion Planner Digital Instagram or Youtube for even more tips, tricks, and tutorials. Welcome to your digital space of infinite possibilities, #PashFam.


Author Bio

Madeline Hodgman is a clinical social worker living in the Midwest with her husband and pets. In her free time, you can find her doing yoga, baking, reading, or exploring the national parks.

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