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5 Reasons You Should Buy an Undated Passion Planner

5 Reasons You Should Buy an Undated Passion Planner

Have you ever felt boxed in by planners with months and dates printed in permanent ink, and with finite amounts of space for all your thoughts and to-dos? Or maybe you’ve neglected keeping track of your days for a week or even a month, thus leaving those pages wasted. If you’ve been in these situations, you might consider trying a design-a-day planner, which leaves the months and dates open for your needs. An undated planner is freedom at your fingertips.

Stop and Start Whenever You Want

When you’re looking to buy a planner in the middle of the year (hey, now is a good time as any to get organized!), you don’t want to pick up a planner where half the pages are now obsolete. Instead, check out Passion Planner’s undated planners, which leave spaces open for you to write in the month and dates. You can plan a week and skip the next two, or pick it up whenever you need. With an undated planner, there’s no wasted pages and the space is open for the next time you need to get organized.

Look at the Layout You Use Most

The best planner for you is one that fits your needs. An Undated Passion Planner has both monthly and weekly layouts, so you can focus your attention on the view you use the most. You can use a tab or decorative tape to mark where each layout is, which makes it easier to flip back and forth between the bigger-picture monthly pages and the more detailed weekly pages.

Truly Make It Your Own

You might think you have found the perfect planner on the outside, but then you peek inside and the colors are not your style or you can’t read the font of the letters and numbers. With an undated Passion Planner, the look of the pages is all up to you. Maybe you want to color-code your months or have a different sticker for each day of the week. If stickers aren’t your style, try stamps or fancy pens. Join the #PashFam if you’re looking for decoration inspiration.

Keep Work and Play Life Separate

You might want two planners—one for work and one for life—and you don’t want to see your daily work meetings in the same space as dinner with your girlfriends. If carrying two planners around is more than you’d like to handle, consider turning your undated Passion Planner into a six-month organizer that keeps your work calendar separate from your day-to-day agenda. With this style of organizing, you can use two monthly layouts for the same month (and two weekly layouts for the same week) to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Still Have Space for Your Dreams

With an undated style planner like Passion Planner, there is still space for setting goals. There’s a Passion Roadmap to define short- and long-term goals, space for a gratitude journal, Monthly Reflections to keep track of progress, and of course plenty of white space and empty pages for whenever inspiration strikes or if you just need to relax your mind with doodles. In 2019, Business Insider named Passion Planner the best planner for goals.

Maybe you missed the New Year’s resolution bandwagon or you’re finally getting around to prioritizing organization, so why would you buy a planner that started in January? Instead, get an undated planner that you can personalize, pick up when you need it and let it rest on your desk when you don’t.

Cara Batema is a freelance writer and musician based in Los Angeles. She likes to write about the arts and psychology.


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