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A Letter From Our CEO: After Taking a Year Off.. I'm Back!

A Letter From Our CEO: After Taking a Year Off.. I'm Back!

If You’re Meeting Me for the First Time: My Origin Story

If this is the first time you’re reading a blog post, message, or Kickstarter update from me, hi! Nice to meet you! My name is Angelia Trinidad, and I am the CEO and Founder of Passion Planner. I started this company more than 5 years ago in my parents’ garage after graduating from college and slipping into depression from being overwhelmed with uncertainty. I needed something to help me get out of that rut, and I thought about what helped me during the most challenging and stressful times of my life—my planner. I was unhappy with the planners on the market, so I decided to create my own. That’s how Passion Planner was born.

I designed it, launched a  Kickstarter, raised $48,030 from 1,059 people in 30 days, and my whole life changed. Since then we’ve launched 6 Kickstarters raising more than $1.8 million dollars. Now, I run Passion Planner with a team of 26 people in sunny San Diego where our mission is to create products and content that empower people to live life more intentionally.

If You Know My Story Already, Start Here

For those of you who have been with me since my first Kickstarter or any time after that, thank you for coming along on this journey. It’s been a wild one so far with tonnnns of ups and downs, but I think things are going to really take off in 2019! But, before I get there, I want to share some of my team’s accomplishments in 2018.

What We’ve Been Up To

Our Top Accomplishments in 2018

    1. We had our best year, selling more planners than ever before!

    2. On top of just sales we grew our community extensively, donating 157,456 planners to individuals, schools and NPOs across the world through our Get One, Give One program.

    3. We donated $120,000 to partnering non-profits to aid causes such as youth education and cancer research.

    4. We made Inc. Magazine’s Top 1000 Fastest Growing Businesses in 2018!

    5. We finally settled into our own headquarters!

      Three Things to Look Forward to in 2019

        1. Our new Community Empowerment Program where we’re giving away 100,000 Passion Planners to people trying to make their communities a better place!

        2. New products (and maybe even the revival of old ones)! ;)

        3. More content focused on helping you become more intentional with your life! YouTube videos, blog posts, maybe even a podcast and docuseries!

        My Goal to Create More

        I’ve realized that I haven’t been able to write and update you all as much as I would have hoped, so my goal this year is to write more and create more content that helps people live life more intentionally, update you on how things are going at Passion Planner, and hopefully share some tips, hacks or lessons I’ve learned. Stay tuned!

        Thank You Again, #PashFam

        Thank you all for your continued support, enthusiasm, and for just being so supportive on our journey. Every comment, like, email, random hug on the street, share, review.. everything adds up, and I am so thankful to have an amazing community that inspires and empowers one another. We couldn’t do it without you!

        Hoping your 2019 is off to an amazing start (can you believe we are 15% done with the year?!),

        Angelia Trinidad 
        CEO and Founder, Passion Planner 
        Keep up with me on Instagram and Twitter

        P.S. Please comment with where you’re reading from, I love seeing how far and wide the #PashFam reaches!

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