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January Company Update

January Company Update

Dear #PashFam, 

Great news today! 

What We’ve Been Up To:  

  1. Caught up on shipping! We are now shipping in 1-3 business days!!! 
  2. Doubled our customer service team to respond to emails as quickly as possible! 
  3. Hosted our first ever Virtual Summit! 
  4. Started our Community Empowerment Program 2021 to donate *drumroll please* 35,000 planners to our community, starting with essential workers! 

1. We are back to shipping orders in 1-3 business days!!! *sigh of relief*

The shipping storm of 2020 has finally passed!!! Our third-party fulfillment company is finally on track and shipping all orders in 1-3 business days!!! Thank you everyone for your patience as we got our ducks in a row, happy to see we have finally found our shipping flow. (Can’t you tell I’m in a good mood haha 😅).

2. Doubled our customer service team to respond to emails as quickly as possible!

We are working day and night to chip away at the mountain of emails that have amassed due to our unforeseen shipping delays. We have doubled our team to make this process go as quickly as possible. This week alone we have tackled close to 4,000 emails one by one! We’ve come a long way but we still have work to do. At this time please expect a 7-10 business day response time. We also update our Help Center daily, so please feel free to visit it to see if your question has already been answered. 

Note: Since we respond to emails in the order that they are received, we recommend not sending a follow-up email after you submit an initial support request as it will move you to the end of the queue. Please trust we are doing our very best to get back to you as quickly as we can. 

3. Hosted our first Virtual Summit! 

Our hearts are so full to see how many of you showed up to our first ever Just Start Virtual Summit. It was such a silver lining of this challenging month to be able to connect with so many members of the #PashFam! We laughed, we learned and even shed a few tears. I was blown away by everyone's support, vulnerability and willingness to share their stories.

Super special shout out to all of the incredible, inspiring, game-changing speakers we had the privilege of hosting at the summit, from a Gold Medal Olympian, to therapists, actors, musicians, YouTubers, life-coaches, and activistswe are so honored to have hosted and met so many great members of the #PashFam. Thank you to everyone on the team who made this first weekend possible, for everyone who attended, connected and participated. What an amazing feeling to feel so connected during this pandemic!

4. Started our Community Empowerment Program 2021 to donate *drumroll please* 35,000 planners to our community, starting with essential workers! 

Passion Planner is giving FREE planners to essential workers and small businesses to support our community as we continue to navigate this pandemic together. In the past year, Passion Planner has been a staple in many of the #PashFam’s mental health so we decided to set aside 35,000 planners (!!!) to empower our community. The giving will be done in phases and Phase 1 is focusing on local San Diego essential workers. If you are an essential worker or know someone who you think would benefit please visit this link to find out more information about our Community Empowerment Program 2021 and see if you qualify.

Please only fill out the form if you can pick up locally in San Diego, CA and know you can safely find good homes for them! Apply here.

Thank you! 

What a storm the past couple months have been. There have been times where I have lost hope and in all honestly my mental health is still on the mend which is why it’s taken so long to write this update. I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your patience and trust. The rain doesn’t last forever and I’m looking forward to brighter days ahead. 


Angel and the Passion Planner Team


Q: Will you restock any items? 

A: Good news! We have restocked some large 2021s as well as a small amount of limited edition colors of the Daily planner so please check our website for what is now available before they’re gone!
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