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How to Use a Planner without Planning: 72 Unique Passion Planner Ideas

How to Use a Planner without Planning: 72 Unique Passion Planner Ideas

For the past year, our unprecedented future has taken a toll on our planning routine. However, our #PashFam got creative with their planner ideas. From bullet journal inspo to habit tracker ideas, you can use your Passion Planner to keep your pages lively and exciting—without planning. 

How to Use a Planner: Myths and Misconceptions

There are several common misconceptions about the “right” way to use a planner. Truthfully, there is no right or wrong way to utilize the space in your planner. Here are some planner myths and ways you can customize your planner to your needs.


“I need to fill out my planner every day.”

Myth. Whether you have a dated planner or an undated planner, you should not feel pressured to use your planner daily. This mindset will lead to planner guilt and may do more harm than good. Set your personal goals for how you want to use your planner and allot time to fill it out if needed.


“I have to buy washi tape and other fancy pens.”

Myth. Many of our #PashFam members love creating unique planner layouts with materials like washi tape or highlighters. However, you don’t need to go out and buy brand new supplies. We encourage you to use the resources you already have at home. No shame if you love the washi tape game! Design your planner as much or as little as you desire.


“I can’t use my planner if I have no plans.”

Myth. Your planner can be used for many different purposes. In this blog, you can find inspiration from our #PashFam on how they used their planner without planning. Get creative with it!


Here are some of our favorite unique Passion Planner ideas that aren’t planning:

1. Scrapbook

 Document your memories and create a scrapbook in your planner. Fill your spread with old or new moments that make you smile.

2. Social Media Ideas

 Organize your social media content ideas inside your planner. Jot down your social media strategy, assets, and other ideas for your feed. 

3. Art Journal

Transform your planner spread into art journal pages! Get creative with any medium you desire and start your art piece.

4. Gratitude Journal 

 Utilize your calendar layout to write down gratitude each day of the month.

5. Walking Goals

Track your progress and celebrate your walking achievements inside your planner.  

6. Document Your Milestones

 Use the space in your weekly layout to document your milestones at work, school, or personal endeavors.

7. Journal

 Turn your spreads into reflective journal pages. Your planner is a great place to jot down ideas, thoughts, and goals because it allows you to keep track of the entry date.

8. Swatch Spread

 Show off your new markers with a colorful swatch spread!

9. Disneyland Bucket List

 Create a list of everything that'll make you happiest doing at the happiest place on earth.

10. Mindmap

 Mindmap your accomplishments, goals, or reflections in your planner. This allows you to see an overview of your thought process.

11. Lettering Practice

 Design your favorite quote or word with fancy hand lettering! Practice makes progress.

12. Create Trackers

 Keep your trackers in one place! Create mini trackers for each habit you want to monitor for the week or month. 

13. Memory Keeping

 Turn your calendar layout into a memory keepsake. Write your favorite moments of the day to fill up your months with memories you can look back on.

14. A Birthday Reflection

 Never forget your favorite birthday moments again. Use your planner to write down the best (and worst) parts of your birthday. 

15. Restructure Your Planner Pages

 Restructure your planner pages to fit your needs. Create custom layouts for your monthly reflections or Space of Infinite Possibility.  

16. Showcase Your Stickers

 Show off your new stickers by dedicating a spread just for them! 

17. Record Quotes

 Add a sprinkle of inspiration by adding quotes to your planner.

18. Mindmap Your Word of the Year

 What is your word of the year, #PashFam? Create a game plan for embracing your word through mind mapping.

19. Keep Newspaper Clippings

 Keep your newspaper clippings and create a newsworthy spread. Paste your favorite articles, stats, or illustrations to create a fun newspaper collage.

20. Workout Routine

 Crush your fitness goals and create your ideal workout routine in your planner.

21. Create a Dream Apartment Board

 What does your dream apartment entail? Two bedrooms? Washer and dryer? Jot it all down in the back pages to make apartment hunting easier. 

22. Reading Log

 Read and rate your books as you finish them. 

23. Draw Your Passion Roadmap

 Your Passion Roadmap is the perfect way to visualize your goals and plans. Express your creativity through doodles and drawings on your Roadmap.

24. 30 Day Song Challenge

 What are your favorite songs? Take the 30 Day Song Challenge by writing down one song that you love each day!

25. Gratitude ABCs

 Challenge yourself to write down your gratitude for each letter of the alphabet.

26. NaNoWriMo Tracker

Get your writing on with the NaNoWriMo challenges! The timeslots can be transformed into lists, tables, and reflection spaces to map out your novel brainstorm.

27. Track Your Social Impact

 What are some things you’ve done to make a difference? Write it down! 

28. Memory Doodles

 Draw doodles that represent your favorite memory of each day in the calendar or weekly layout.

29. Document Social Change Goals

 Whether you’re doing research or finding inspiration for social justice, your planner spread is a great place to document your progress and goals.

30. Write Your Motivators

 Who or what motivates you, #PashFam? Write them down to keep you motivated and inspired!

31. Break Down Homework Assignments

Use your planner as a supplemental tool for school. Break down your homework assignments and brainstorm a game plan.

32. Decorate Your Front Pages

Do your front pages look a little bare? Decorate them with stickers or quotes to spice it up!

33. Collage

Use your old magazines or scrap paper to create a beautiful collage in your planner. 

34.Track Your Water Intake

Another habit tracker idea is tracking your water intake. We encourage our #PashFam to stay hydrated every day!

35. Practice Drawing

Develop your drawing skills by practicing in your planner. Create step-by-step tutorials or sketch to your heart's content. 

36. Create a Self-Care Kit

Whether you love watching movies or doing your skincare routine, create a self-care kit to reflect on what your body and mind need. 

37. List Reasons Why You Love Yourself

Practice self-love in your planner by writing down everything you love about yourself!

38. Strive for Social Justice

Fill up your planner spread with quotes and inspiration for your social justice journey.

39. Plan Your Weekly Meals

Make your week easier by planning your meals ahead of time.

40. Research Your Enneagram Type

Explore your Enneagram and how it applies to you. Use your back pages to jot down key notes that pertain to your Enneagram. 

41. Track the Temperature

The world’s climate is constantly changing. Utilize your back pages to track your area’s change in temperature.

42. Book List

Dedicate a spread to your favorite books. Print out the cover photo, write a synopsis, or simply place it in your planner for future reference. 

43. Doodle Challenge 

Explore your art style one day at a time. Challenge yourself each day to doodle something new.

44. Declutter List

We all need a little spring cleaning throughout the year. Create a declutter list for your technology or living space to organize your cleaning game plan. 

45. Episode Tracker

If you’re currently watching several shows at once, this is for you! Track your episode progress by highlighting each episode as you watch.

46. Cat Pillow

Our #PashPaws love Passion Planners as their pillow. Your furry friend will thank you for their new favorite spot to nap.

47. Birthday Tracker

Never forget a friend’s birthday again. 

48. Sleep Log

Track your sleep hours and visualize patterns where you are losing sleep.

49. Savings Tracker

Saving for that vacation or down payment? Create a savings tracker in your back pages and achieve your financial goals.

50. Board Game Tracker

Time for game night? Rate and track your favorite board games and become a board game expert. 

51. Bucket Lists

A good old bucket list is a must-have for your planner pages. 

52. Car Maintenance Tracker

Forget when your next oil change is due? A car maintenance tracker will ensure your car is tuned and ready for the road. 

53. Holiday Gift List

The holidays don’t need to be stressful. Create a holiday gift list in your planner for your next holiday shopping trip!

54. Moon Tracker

Align yourself with the moon and stars with this moon tracker inspo! Track the moon’s patterns and what they mean throughout the month.

55. Video Game Achievements 

There’s nothing like earning a new achievement in your favorite video game. Document your biggest video game accomplishments in your weekly spread or back page. 

56. Password Tracker

Do you have too many passwords memorized? List your passwords in one place so you never forget your logins again. 

57. Movie Lists

Create the ultimate movie marathon list in your Space of Infinite Possibility.

58. Vision Board

What does your dream life look like? Create a vision board in your planner to set the mood for the year or month! Seeing images of your best life can help you manifest it into fruition!

59. Workshop Notes

Jot down key points from your workshops in the Space of Infinite Possibility.

60. Write your Quarantine Bucket List

Our bucket list doesn’t have to be limited to outdoor activities. Create a quarantine bucket list and start on those projects you’ve been procrastinating!

61. Track Your Social Media Following

Watch your community grow over time by tracking your social media following.

62. Note your Financial Wins

Celebrate your financial milestones with a financial tracker back page! Write your budgets, financial goals, and accomplishments throughout the year. 

63. Cleaning Gameplan

Organize your cleaning agenda with a gameplan. Determine your cleaning goals for the week, day, or hour!

64. Lettering Challenge

Use your planner to practice hand lettering! You can practice different styles, words, and strokes. The possibilities are endless. 

65. A Dog Shrine

Dedicate a spread to your furry friends! Your planner is the perfect place to give your pets some love. 

66. Travel Journal

Document your travels on the monthly reflections page of your Passion Planner. Paste your favorite photos and fun travel stickers to spice it up!

67. Symptom Tracker

Feeling sick? Track your symptoms or pain to check your wellness levels.

68. Favorite TV Shows List

Are you a TV show fanatic? Dedicate a spread to your favorite TV shows!

69. Travel Bucket List

Where do you want to travel, #PashFam? Write it down in your planner!

70. Washi Swatch Test

Empty monthly calendar? Use the squares to swatch your new or favorite washi tape. You'll see a better visual overview of what the tape looks like on paper.

71. Take Notes

An empty spread is a great size for notetaking and brain dumping! Take note-taking to a new level with the timeslot lines or to-do list section. You can add stickers, hand lettering, or photos to enhance the page as well! 

72. List Reasons Why You Love Your Planner

Give your planner some love! Remember why you bought the planner in the first place. Your “why” will give purpose back into your planner so you can start creating trackers, journaling, or organizing.

With this list, you can be inspired to use your Passion Planner for any occasion—even during harrowing times. Reclaim your year by utilizing the empty pages of your planner to create something special.

How do you use your planner without planning, #PashFam? Tell us in the comments!

Author Bio

Joni Cobarrubias is a Social Media Intern at Passion Planner and self-proclaimed digital native with an analog heart. She is looking forward to Capricorn season and reclaiming her year with crystals.

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