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31 Inktober Ideas

31 Inktober Ideas

Have you been meaning to brush up your drawing skills? Inktober is the perfect way to get back on board! Commit to one ink drawing per day this month, using your Passion Planner’s blank pages, dotted pages, or even the weekly layout. Our thick, 120 GSM pages are perfect for your next masterpiece.

Whether you’re an Inktober veteran or a newbie, there is plenty of space in the Passion Planner to bring your art to life!

Here are some of our favorite Passion Planner masterpieces over the past 6 years!

1. Halloween Costumes (featuring #PashFam @karenalleluia)
2. Plant Life (featuring #PashFam @evellyn.letters)

3. Pretty in Pink (featuring #PashFam @ms.rosary_plans)

4. Lettering Practice (featuring #PashFam Sage T.)
5. Sea Animals (Step by Step) (featuring #PashFam @karenalleluia)
6. Gotta Catch ‘Em All (featuring #PashFam @dana.senpai)
7. Castle (featuring #PashFam @jdhanchett)

8. Conversations with My Dentist (featuring #PashFam Sage T.)

9. Dream (featuring #PashFam @meyoco)

10. “Give your dreams all you’ve got.” (featuring #PashFam Sage T.)

11. Hello New Year (featuring #PashFam member Maria P.)

12. Growth (featuring #PashFam Sage T.)

13. Girlboss (featuring #PashFam Sage T.)
14. “To teach is to touch lives forever.”(featuring #PashFam Sage T.)
15. Green (featuring #PashFam member, @ms.rosary_plans)
16. Back to School (featuring #PashFam member, @ANNA.RASTORGUEVA)
17. Daydream (featuring #PashFam @letter_eat_cake)
18. Good Eats (featuring #PashFam member, @WEIRDOFOREST)
19. Clefairy (featuring #PashFam @karenalleluia)
20. CEO (featuring #PashFam @srah_cha)

21. "If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it!” (featuring #PashFam Sage T.)

22. Halloween Characters (Step by Step) (featuring #PashFam @karenalleluia)

23. Thanksgiving Characters (Step by Step) (featuring #PashFam @karenalleluia)
24. Hola! (featuring #PashFam member, @arylosophy)
25. Flower (featuring #PashFam member, @missyjiffy)
26. Vivid Autumn (featuring #PashFam member, @ANNA.RASTORGUEVA)

27. A Day in Los Angeles (featuring #PashFam Sage T.)
28. Frames (featuring #PashFam member, @PLANNERFLOTSAM)
29. Flowers (featuring #PashFam member, @HELLYJELLYILLUSTRATIONS)
30. “Hang in there.” (featuring #PashFam member, @WILDAIRDESIGNS)
31. “Dreams are meaningful when you work towards them in the real world.” (featuring #PashFam member,@WEIRDOFOREST)
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