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42 Planner Ideas to Give Your Schedule the Glow Up It Deserves

42 Planner Ideas to Give Your Schedule the Glow Up It Deserves

One of the defining qualities of the Passion Planner is how easy it is to customize. Our planner is more than a schedule keeper; it is the one place for all of your thoughts, creative brainstorms, and artistic expressions. Here are 42 creative planner ideas you can try to personalize your Passion Planner.

How to Use a Planner

There’s no wrong way to plan.

Planning is only as difficult as you make it. There’s no set style or technique to follow. Your planner is your space to go as wild (or not so wild) as you want. In reality, you don’t need to use your planner to plan. If you want to use your planner to track who gets eliminated each week on The Bachelor, then do it! You are in control.

Find your individual style.

Decorating a planner is all about finding your planning flow. Your individual style will help you design the planner that works best for you, visually and functionally. Try experimenting with different styles until you find one that motivates you to plan each week. 

Be inspired by other people’s planners (not intimidated!).

I totally get that feeling when I see other planners and feel intimidated by their style or their lettering skills. Don’t be discouraged! Turn your intimidation into inspiration. Draw from other people’s layouts and make it your own. No matter what your handwriting might look like or how many supplies you own, you have the power to create your own beautiful layouts. My hope is for you to take inspiration from this blog and bring it to life in your Passion Planner!

1. Women’s Empowerment Sticker Book

The Women’s Empowerment Sticker Book will motivate you to create HERstory. Created by 6 female artists, this sticker book is the definition of womxn empowerment.

2. Nature Sticker Book 

This Nature Sticker Book is perfect for the adventure-seeker. With over 800 stickers to choose from, you’ll be planning your next adventure in no time. 

3. New Year New Goals Sticker Book

Got goals? The New Year New Goals Sticker Book will set you up for success any day of the year. From fill-in-the-blank stickers to motivational phrases, you will go from a goal-setter to a goal-getter.

When you’re looking for planner inspiration, stickers are a great place to start! Stickers can reflect your mood and personal style. We have so many sticker books to choose from; whether you’re striving for new goals or growing in your journey, stickers put the fun in functional. 

4. Time-blocking 

Time-blocking is the best way to visualize the amount of time you can dedicate to your tasks. You can also use time-blocking to task batch your important projects--breaking down what needs to be done in that time-slot.

5. Artsy scribbles 

Another time-blocking style is using artsy scribbles over your timeslots! This is a fun and easy way to add color to your spread.

6. 3D blocks

Bring some dimension into your layout with 3D time-blocking!

7. Year in Pixels PDF 

Track your moods, progress, or activities with the FREE Year in Pixels PDF! Create a unique color key and start filling in the pixels everyday throughout the year. At the end of the year, you’ll be able to see an overview of everything you tracked!

8. Workout Tracker PDF

Track your reps and break that sweat! This FREE Workout Tracker PDF makes it easy to see your workouts each week and plan for your next one. It can fit anywhere from your back pages, monthly calendar, or weekly layout! 

9. Finance Tracker PDF

Bills, subscriptions, taxes, oh my! This FREE Finance Tracker PDF is a quick and easy way to track where you spent your money over the week. Place it in your back pages for a full financial overview, or weekly in your Space of Infinite Possibility area. 

10 .Yearly Overview PDF 

The FREE Yearly Overview PDF is one of the unique features of the Passion Planner Daily and is one of our PDFs you can download for free! The yearly overview is like the Year in Pixels but with more space for writing. You can track your gratitude, word of the day, or even your best memories each day of the year.

11. Custom Monthly Layout

The blank and dotted back pages in your planner are designed to be used for literally anything. Whether you love BUJO style layouts or want a break from the weekly spread, you can create your own layouts in the back pages.

12. Bucket Lists

Bucket lists are perfect to include in your back pages because you are able to revisit these goals throughout the year. 

13. Track your fitness goals

Consistency is key. If there’s a goal you really want to accomplish, create a game plan in your back pages that you can follow each month.

14. Count your blessings

What are you thankful for? What blessings do you want to highlight? Your back pages have endless room for journaling gratitude.

PRO TIP: Save a few back pages to write down your blessings throughout the year! By December, you’ll have an entire log to look back on and appreciate.

15. Add Paper

If you’re looking for a BUJO feel to your planner, add scraps of paper and create your own layout style.

Need spare paper? Grab our FREE Dotted page or Graph page PDFs! 

PRO TIP: Use different colored paper for creativity!

16. Add stickers to the cover

Stickers can transform the vibe of any planner cover! 

17. Paint the cover

Bring your planner design ideas to life by painting the cover! It will not only reflect your personal style, but it also makes it stand out from your other Passion Planners.

18. Keep It Brief and Bold

Sometimes a few words says more than a paragraph. Release the pressure of having to fill in all the blank space by going big, bold, and brief instead. 

19. Soothing Sea Monthly Tabs

When you’re creating planner setup ideas, monthly tabs are a must. A #PashFam favorite, our new Monthly Tabs make it easy for you to plan ahead. The best part? They come in 14 different colors, so you can find one that matches your planner or fits your vibe! Our Flush Monthly Tabs are perfect for those who like to keep the outside of their planner the same, but still want to mark each month’s location.

20. Respond to the Planner's Weekly Challenges

All of our weekly Passion Planners include challenges to encourage intention in your week. Use the Space of Infinite Possibility to mindmap and journal your responses. Here's one where we asked the #PashFam to list 10 things that make them happiest.

21. Intro page doodle

Doodles are a fun way to express your creativity and practice your skills. With our thick and sustainably sourced 120 GSM paper, you can draw, paint, or doodle to your heart’s content. Need some doodle ideas? Get some inspiration in our YouTube series, How to Draw with Passion Planner

22. Self Care Reflection PDF

Does your self care routine need a refresh? Download our Free Self Care Reflection PDF to prioritize your wellbeing in a way that feels authentic to you.

23. Balance your typeface

Our regular handwriting is usually the only writing we use when we plan. To add more contrast, try calligraphy or lettering to showcase the important aspects of your schedule. This allows you to see the bigger picture and spot the difference between a task and a title.

24. Scrapbook

One of the best planner pages ideas is using your planner to scrapbook. Add photos, stickers, and even shopping receipts to track your daily or weekly memories. Memory planning can positively impact your mental health and provide you with a space to remember your precious moments each year. 

25. Journal in the timeslots

Another form of memory planning is journaling. Utilize the timeslots as lined paper and journal your thoughts or moments from that day. 

26. Isolate the planner dates

Using washi tape is another #PashFam favorite. Washi tape can be used to cover up particular sections you don’t want to use or add flair to your layouts. 

27. Ways to be present

A mind map is a classic way to use the Space of Infinite Possibility. Create mind maps for your goals, GameChanger, or ways to think positively. Mind mapping helps you gain clarity, break down your goals, and create tangible steps to achieve your goals. 

28. Take notes

Write down notes from your quiz results to your next doctor’s appointment. This space is just the right size to fit notes big and small. 

29. Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is one of the best ways to focus on the positive things in your life. It can strengthen your relationship with yourself and others while also serving as a space to write down your favorite memories. 

Don’t know where to start? Try these journal prompts or participate in our 21-day gratitude challenge.

30. Birthday calendar

The Space of Infinite Possibility underneath the calendar overview is one of the planner sections that can get overlooked. In this space, create a birthday calendar that tracks your loved ones’ birthdays each month. You know you want to be that friend who knows everyone’s birthday, am I right?

31. Spice it up with stickers

Make opening your planner fun! Add stickers, photos, or doodles to the cover page that represent you and your unique style.

32. Scrapbook Intro

Your planner is all about you, so why not put more YOU into it? Create a scrapbook introduction page in the front of your planner! When you look back at this planner in the future, you’ll see who you were at this time of your life.

33. Bow Bookmarks

Planner accessories can go beyond stickers and washi. Create your own bookmarks that represent your personal style!

34. Add beads to your ribbon

Another accessory idea is adding beads to your planner ribbon. 

35. Affirmations

Write down self love affirmations to soothe your spirit.

36. Make your own rules

Who said you need to mindmap the Passion Roadmap? This popcorn roadmap is a great example of making your own rules. This PashFam member wrote down their goals as one piece of popcorn. The possibilities are endless.  

37. Use stickers to represent your goals

Our sticker books make incredible accessories for your planner! In this roadmap, a #PashFam member used one sticker that signified each goal they want to achieve. 

38. Create a theme

Creating a theme is essentially creating a vision board of what your goals may look like or how they make you feel. If your goals consist of hiking, traveling, and other outdoor adventures, you could make your roadmap look like a nature landscape or grab stickers from our Nature Sticker Book.

Learn more about how to use your roadmap on our Passion Roadmap YouTube video.

39. Passion Planner Daily

Print and bind your own Passion Planner! With the Passion Planner Daily, you’ll have more space for flexibility and fun.

40. Passion Planner Weekly

When printing and binding your very own Passion Planner, you have plenty of options to choose from. Available in Dated, Academic, and Undated formats, there’s a structure that works for everyone. Oh, and did we forget to mention? We have full Undated downloads available in Spanish, French, and Italian too.  

41. Create titles and mindmaps

The best part about the monthly reflection section is that there’s no set way to fill it out. The prompts are there to help guide your reflection and it’s up to you to represent your month the way you want. Try creating bold titles or mindmaps that break down your reflections.

42. Add stickers that embody your month’s theme

Stickers can act as visual representations of our month or the emotions we felt throughout the month. Was your month full of adventure? Did you do a lot of self-care activities? Add stickers that reflect what you did and how you felt. You will be able to look back and understand how that month impacted your life. 

No matter how you decide to use these planner ideas, your planner will become the pinnacle of fun and function. We hope these cute planner ideas will help you give your planner the glow up it deserves! Happy planning, #PashFam!

Ready to decorate? Shop our Accessories page to get started!  

Author Bio

Joni Cobarrubias is a social media guru by day and a portrait photographer by night. In her spare time, you can find her endlessly scrolling through Pinterest and Tik Tok.
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