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100 Things to Do at Home from a Professional Homebody

100 Things to Do at Home from a Professional Homebody

As measures to stay home begin to tighten, so does our need to be creative in finding productive and fun things to do indoors. Although I am having my own experiences of anxiety and challenging emotions amidst the coronavirus outbreak, I have to admit that I feel a bit more well equipped for all of this solitude as an introvert. That said, even us introverts can feel uninspired after a while, much like Squidward below.

One of the great things about the Passion Planner is that it can keep you as busy or as free as you’d like. You can create spreads, experiment with new planning styles, and build a routine. Or, you don’t need to do anything at all. 

There’s no need to be productive during a pandemic.

That said, if you’re craving activity and want to keep things fresh, we have a list a la Spongebob of 50 things to do in your Passion Planner, and 50 more things for you to do at home. Whether you identify as an introvert, extrovert, or a little bit of both, there’s something on this list for everyone to enjoy.

In Your Passion Planner

1. Create a vision board.

2. Build a routine with our FREE Habit Tracker download.

3. Write a bucket list.

4. Learn to doodle.

5. Take notes for class with our FREE Notes Page download.

6. Build a meal plan for the rest of the week.

7. Practice hand lettering.

8. Budget with our FREE Finance Tracker download.

9. Experiment with color coding.

10. Respond to Passion Planner’s journal prompts on Instagram.

11. Participate in the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge. (It doesn’t need to be Thanksgiving!)

12. Track your water intake with our FREE Water Tracker download.

13. Fill out your Monthly Reflection or Self Check-In.

14. Revisit or redo your Passion Roadmap.

15. Reflect on the Good Things That Happened today.

16. Create a reading list.

17. Track your mood with our FREE Year in Pixels download.

18. Or draw your own mood tracker!

19. Make a grocery list.

20. Write out the week’s to do list.

21. Plan your very own Passion Week.

22. Swatch all of your favorite pens.

23. Organize your online class assignments with our FREE School To-Do List download.

24. Rate all of the films you watch in a movie tracker.

25. Write a love note.

26. Stay on top of group projects with our FREE Class Contacts Sheet download.

27. Brain dump.

28. Brainstorm birthday or holiday gifts for your loved ones. (It’s never too early!)

29. Write your own birthday wishlist. (You deserve it!)

30. Dedicate a page to the people who inspire you.

31. List personal affirmations and what you love about yourself.

32. Devote a page to washi tape swatches.

33. Draw a timeline of your life.

34. Fill out our FREE Weekly Reflection download.

35. Mindmap a GameChanger for one aspect of your life. (Financial, Professional, Social, etc.)

36. Write a poem or haiku.

37. Cross out goals that are no longer relevant to you.

38. Plan ahead with our FREE Yearly Overview download.

39. Write a letter to your future self. Seal it and put it in the back pocket of your planner to read later.

40. Track your exercise with our FREE Workout Tracker download.

41. Replace your planner ribbon.

42. If you’re a parent/guardian at home with children, create an activities schedule for your children.

43. Decorate your pages with stickers.

44. Create a TV Tracker.

45. Make an A - Z gratitude list.

46. Create a debt or savings tracker.

47. List your favorite dad jokes.

48. Build a self-care plan which includes grounding activities, coping mechanisms, and supportive friends or family.

49. Plan a day or week as if you are yourself 5 years from now. Use your imagination!

50. Write down all of the travel destinations you’ve been to.


More Productive Things to Do

51. Start future self journaling to build awareness of your behaviors and ego.

52. Curate music playlists based on your mood. (Or listen to our #PashFam Spotify playlist!)

53. Clear your email.

54. Wash the dishes.

55. Learn a new language on Duolingo. (Use our FREE Spanish, French, and Italian Passion Planner downloads for extra practice!)

56. Take a free fitness class. (Yoga, dance, and more!)

57. Participate in the push up challenge.

58. See how long you can hold a forearm plank for. Try to beat your time every day!

59. Cook a new recipe.

60. Clean and declutter your space. (We love the Konmari method!)

61. Do laundry.

62. Organize a folder of all your important documents if you haven’t already.

63. Attend a free webinar. (There are plenty of them on our Community Resource Bank!)

64. Update your LinkedIn profile.

65. Update your resume.

66. Prep your meals for the week.

67. Go for a walk.

68. Move money into a savings account.(Check out some High Yield Savings accounts to gain interest on your money!)

69. Clear old photos from your phone.

70. Meditate.

71. Unfollow social media accounts that no longer benefit you.

72. Delete old contacts from your phone.

73. Cancel subscriptions you no longer use.

74. Write Yelp reviews for businesses you support.

75. Donate your time or money to organizations and individuals in need.

More Fun Things to Do

76. Save dream getaways on Airbnb where you’d like to stay someday.

77. Virtually visit a famous museum.

78. Solve a crossword puzzle.

79. Play a board game. (My family has been playing Villainous!)

80. Have an inner child movie marathon by rewatching your favorite films as a kid.

81. Do a puzzle.

82. Write a short story. Explore ideas to inspire your imagination here.

83. Knit.

84. Play a video game. (Our office has been obsessed with Animal Crossing!)

85. Experiment with new makeup looks.

86. Try on different outfits. Make a fashion show out of it!

87. Video chat with a loved one.

88. Read a book. (Free books and audiobooks for 30 days on Everand!)

89. Relive your favorite theme park attractions via YouTube.

90. Make a Pinterest board of your dream wardrobe.

91. Watch a YouTube tutorial on a hobby or interest of yours.

92. Review your favorite films on Rotten Tomatoes.

93. Create a video.

94. Host a virtual happy hour with your friends. (Bring your own wine or drink of choice!)

95. Stargaze and try to find a constellation.

96. Give your senses a treat and listen to some ASMR. (My personal favorites are soap carving and Harry Potter inspired videos.)

97. Bake your favorite dessert.

98. Create your own website.

99. Discover your personality type.

100. Take a nap.

Whether you decide to do some or none of these things, we hope that you find creative ways to bring joy and humor into your days at home.

What do you enjoy doing at home? Let us know in the comments!




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